Patch for Snow Leopard line number scrolling bug

One of the most “popular” bugs in my bug queue has been FB-23023. Essentially, if you’re using Snow Leopard with Flash Builder and your window is on a secondary monitor, the line numbers in code editors stop scrolling. That’s a pretty annoying bug for someone who just bought a shiny new Macbook and hooked up an external monitor.
Luckily, the folks at were able to narrow down the issue and referenced the fix that was applied for the future 3.6 release.
And to top it off, Rick Winscot went out of his way to build a patch that’s easily applied to standalone and plugin installations of Flash Builder. Thanks, Rick!
Update: To run Flash Builder with the -clean option, do the following:
  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Right click on “Adobe Flash Builder”, show package contents
  3. Expand Contents > MacOS
  4. Drag and drop “Adobe Flash Builder 4” to the terminal window
  5. Add ” -clean”
  6. Run
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8 Responses to Patch for Snow Leopard line number scrolling bug

  1. allenlive79 says:

    Thanks Jason! Very helpful. It’s nice to see folks at Adobe working hard to find good solutions. Keep em coming!

  2. Josh Knight says:

    Hey, thanks Jason.

    I tried following the instructions on the patch page and followed the directions on this page, but the Application wouldn’t start up. It logged an amazingly long error file, which I won’t paste here.

    Anyway, if there’s anyone else reading this with a mental capacity closer to mine, I’ve found that starting Flash Builder with the external monitor unplugged – from my mac – and then plugging it in, fixes my frozen line number issue.

    I’m on: Mac OS 10.6.4
    Running: Flash Builder 4.0.1

    Thanks again,


  3. Yuri says:

    I have the same problem as Josh. This bug renders a 249 euro piece of software unusable. Doesn anyone have any solutions except for re-assigning the main display?

  4. David says:

    I, too, followed the instructions to update the class’s – resulting in Flex application not starting and a long log file with errors.

    I also tried starting FB with the monitor unplugged and then plugging in after FB has started – no success.

    In addition to line numbers not scrolling, nor breakpoints showing, compile errors are not flagged with the ‘red dot’ on the line scroller. This is making it very difficult to use FB4 on the Mac for development.

    Adobe needs to man up to this issue and roll out INTEGRATED changes in a 4.0.x build! They have had 10 months (according to the first post date) to resolve this.

  5. Apolo Pena says:

    This patch does not work for me, in fact it corrupted my installation of Flash Builder and forced me to to a reinstall. I backed up the jar file but when I put it back Flash Builder was permanently corrupted. It’s pretty sad that this is the official fix that Adobe has come up with. The Jira resolved bug for this points to this patch BTW.


  6. Matt says:

    Thanks Jason. I wanted to point out that it appears the pre-packaged JAR file in Rick’s link is mis-named. My FB4 installed expects a file named “….jface.text…”, and Rick’s JAR Is “….jface_.text..”, though the text in the link shows the correct file name. Folks will need to closely examine the plugin filenames to ensure they match exactly before trying to copy over.

  7. Yoann says:

    I had the same problem as Josh to apply the patch. “An error has occured…”. But then I simply download Rick’s patch .jar, copy paste it in my Flash Builder plugins folder. Rename it as the previous one that I already had (removed the old one)… run as clean (as explained in this post)… and everything works. Thanks a lot. It’s made my day.

  8. hayesmaker says:

    this patch does not work for me either.

    Come up with something that works please, it’s fricking annoying