Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 Released

I’m happy help announce that Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 have been released. Find more information and download a trial here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/.

There’s plenty of new features to talk about. Here are my personal, time-saving favorites:

  • ASDoc in code hints
  • MXML proposal cycling
  • CamelCase shorthand in code hints
  • Vector support
  • Move refactoring
  • Package rename/move refactoring
  • Package Explorer
  • Call Hierarchy
  • Auto indentation
  • Flex 4 states code editor support

Read my article on Adobe Developer Connection to find out more about developer productivity enhancements in Flash Builder 4 http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/flashbuilder4_productivity.html.

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One Response to Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 Released

  1. allenlive79 says:

    This will make Flex app development so much easier. Thanks Jason. The Vector and FXG support are surely welcomed and the ActionScript hints being grouped by properties then by functions, most excellent. Really enjoy your articles too.