Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 on Adobe Forums

The Flex Forum at http://forums.adobe.com/community/flex/flex_general_discussion is a great place to ask Flex and Flash Builder questions. Community members and Adobe staff are there to help with your questions and issues.

Another good resource is the Flex bug database at https://bugs.adobe.com/flex. If you find a bug in the Flex SDK or Flash Builder, please file it. You can also find existing bugs and features to vote on for fixing in a future release

Twitter is one way of getting noticed, but it doesn’t fully substitute for threaded conversations in the forums or in our bug database for classification, triage, and resolution. It’s easier for us to reference a bug link than a tweet. It’s also surprisingly easy to miss a tweet and much harder to miss bugs in bug queue’s that get assigned to real people.

Thanks for your feedback!

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2 Responses to Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 on Adobe Forums

  1. We have a flex based e-learning application. It uses HTTP REST service and webservice to communicate with ASP.Net application to fetch and store data.

    We now want to develop an adobe air version of the user interface, which the students can download on their desktop as well as mobiles (Android, others).

    What would be a good architecture for such an application which has both web and windows interface. I can see that we can reuse almost 80% of the code of our web version. But I do not want to copy and create a new windows app from the flex web app. I would want to have both co-exist.

    Let me know a good article that I can read on this.

  2. kim says:

    That is exactly what most people do and that is definitely not the right way.

    A mobile app should always have seperate content.