Targeting Flash Player 10.1 Beta in Flash Builder 4


  1. Install the Flash Player 10.1 Beta
  2. Install the debugger player from the same location
  3. Download playerglobal.swc
  4. Copy playerglobal.swc to the following folder …/Adobe Flash Builder
  5. In your project properties, under Adobe Flash Player options, select “Use a specific version” and choose 10.1.0.

To do this with SDK 3.x, replace the player/10/playerglobal.swc with the 10.1 version of the SWC. You may want to make a backup copy before you do this.

FYI: Because Flash Player 10.1 is still in beta, it is not included in the the Flash Builder 4 release.

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2 Responses to Targeting Flash Player 10.1 Beta in Flash Builder 4

  1. eboda kcuf says:

    I clicked on the download playerglobal.swc file link on the adobe website, and recieved a zip file, not an swc file. so I unzipped the zip file, now I have a library.swf file and a catalog.xml file.

    This seems to be standard practice when it comes to dealing with adobe anything. the instructions rarely match reality. trying to get a straight siomple solution to any difficulty results in a minimum of 6 wasted hours getting nowhere fast. For 3 weeks I was held up by an illegal coercion “error” that really did not exist, but would prevent my project from compiling. I am not a programmer, per se, but I can fiond my way around, but when software inserts imaginary errors and instructutions step 2 relies on step 1 which did not complete as specified, I blame the authors. I can follow directions quite well, thank you. So please, explain how to download a swc file so i can insert it where you say i need to.

    I am going back to using director. Flex would be great if not for the lack of support. I will be back when open source takes over. It will be the best thing that ever happened to Macromedia Flash, Adobe was the worst.

    • eboda kcuf says:

      in case you were wondering, I am here trying to find help on flash 10.3, not 10.1, but this was as close as i could get….