How to Get Help With Flash Builder

Here are a few different ways to get your Flash Builder questions answered. Vaguely in order from most to least helpful:

  1. Adobe Forums: Flex Forum –
    There are lots of helpful people here willing to direct you to an answer or even work with you to find one. There are community members, moderators and Flex and Flash Builder team members regularly answering questions.
  2. Bug Database – (a.k.a. JIRA)
    Filing, voting and commenting on bugs is one of the more direct ways to get noticed. It’s also really easy to find existing bugs and watch them for e-mail updates when there’s a status or comment change. If you have an issue that hasn’t been fixed yet, vote for the bug and add any new/relevant information that you have. Voting doesn’t always translate to a fix or a new feature, but it doesn’t hurt to make your voice heard for the record.
  3. Tech Notes –
  4. Release Notes –
  5. This blog
  6. Twitter
    We don’t all monitor Twitter during our workday but once in a while we do filter the noise and find some legitimate issues. I typically link to my blog from my Twitter account, jasonsj_adobe.
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