Burrito Feature: Text Navigation

Text navigation? Many users I’ve talked to know how big a fan I am of CamelCase support. In Flash Builder Burrito, we’ve added support in ActionScript, MXML and CSS for moving the cursor between sub-words and we’ve also added punctuation support. To use the feature on Mac use OPTION + ARROW LEFT/RIGHT and on use Windows CTRL + ARROW LEFT/RIGHT. You can combine this with SHIFT to select sub-words as well.

Before Burrito, this feature only used the platform OS navigation text functions. It wasn’t very consistent from left to right and it didn’t know about specific ActionScript, MXML and CSS punctuation.

Here are some use cases for using sub-word navigation:

  • Using the keyboard to move faster on a long line of code. Instead of just HOME, END, arrow keys or the mouse, you can use sub-word navigation to get to the correct word faster
  • Select parts of names faster for copying, editing or removing. For example, if I have “ActionBarButtionSkinBase” and I want to copy out “ButtonSkinBase”, I can use CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW LEFT 3 times to select just the text that I want. That’s a lot more convenient than pressing and holding ARROW LEFT or using the mouse.
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2 Responses to Burrito Feature: Text Navigation

  1. Harry Garland says:

    Can I please disable this? It is incredibly annoying that I have to hit control-shift-right arrow 4 times to select and copy myBigLongVariable, when I used to be able to QUICKLY select the whole name. When would I ever want to copy only part of the variable name? Who does this? Come on! This is not a feature to me. It is a bug.

  2. Shiyaz says:

    Though a good feature, we should be able to disable this. It’s quite annoying to select full words, which I suppose we do very often compared to select camel case chunks. Is there any way to disable this? Please let know. Thanks.