Developer Week Slides

Thanks to everyone who came to my Adobe Developer Week session today. Here are a few resources that I talked about along with the slides:

Twitter: @jasonsj_adobe
PDF Slides: Developer Week – Multi-Density and Multi-Platform Authoring for Smart Phones and Tablets With Flex 4.5 SDK
iOS Theme: Blog post

Adobe Developer Center:
Flex mobile skins – Part 1: Optimized skinning basics
Flex mobile skins – Part 2: Handling different pixel densities

NJ’s 360 Flex 2011 Denver Presentation

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6 Responses to Developer Week Slides

  1. Adrian Parr says:

    Thanks Jason. I thought it was a very well presented session. Lots of really useful information in there!!

  2. Adrian Parr says:

    A quick question, I’m presuming that using the multiDPI bitmap solution will mean that all the bitmaps are stored in the APK/IPA/BAR file, increasing overall filesize. Is this correct?

    • Jason San Jose says:

      Yes, if using @Embed or bundling the assets in the packaged app. You can also point each source to a URL to load on the fly to avoid the file size cost, but you add a network dependency of course. There’s trade-offs to both. We’ve found the file size is generally less of a concern for app installs since it’s a one time operation. Web-based SWFs authors are generally more concerned about SWF size.

  3. Dimitri K says:

    Great preso Jason, thanks!
    I wanted to mention that the recording is now available at