Using Flex 4.5.1 on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Update: RIM has announced BlackBerry Tablet OS 1.0.6 with AIR 2.7. The workaround mentioned below is no longer required.

This is a quick follow up on my prior post about using Flex 4.5 with AIR 2.5 on the PlayBook.

My prior monkey patch will no longer work with Flex 4.5.1. New AIR 2.6 dependencies were added in 4.5.1 and the playbook_overrides.swc patch is no longer sufficient.

I’m choosing not to update playbook_overrides.swc for the moment to avoid additional confusion. Once RIM updates AIR on the PlayBook, this patch will not be required.

For now, I suggest keeping a copy of the Flex 4.5.0 SDK and use the playbook_overrides patch with your current projects. Flash Builder supports multiple SDKs for situations just like this (Preferences > Flash Builder > Installed SDKs).  After the PlayBook update is available, transition your projects to 4.5.1.

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