I Do Take Requests

I’ve been a bit quiet since the big developer week push. I’ve been keeping busy on the SDK. I just wanted to check in with the readers here to see what other mobile tutorials, examples and blog posts you want to see next. So, if you’ve got a need or an idea, leave a comment on this post.

Also, be sure to check out the forums at http://forums.adobe.com/community/flex/flex_general_discussion. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the community and get your questions answered directly.

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10 Responses to I Do Take Requests

  1. Francisc says:

    Hey JSJ,

    I’d like to see more apps built from start to finish. Something practical that has some degree of difficulty, not just trivial things and “using preset components, skins etc”.

    Thanks for asking.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Jason,

    Apart from hearing and learning more about native extensions, I’d love to hear your advice on considerations and best practices for building apps with upgrades in mind – upgrading functionality, db schema etc and ensuring that existing users of an app do not experience dats loss. Are there different considerations for encrypted databases, for filesystem data, or between iOS and Android?


  3. Bryan says:

    Great tutorials Jason, keep up the good work.

    Some items I would like to see clarified:

    – Fonts in Flex mobile apps. Proper file types, sizes, embedding, etc
    – Dynamic skins on tabs (how can I pass variables into the tabs to show an ‘unread messages’ badge, etc)
    – Localization
    – Animations inside mobile apps? I know you can’t embed swfs so is there a reasonable solution for simple animations?
    – Playing videos within an app (embedded and remotely)
    – Gestures (creating custom)
    – Drag & drop


  4. Raj says:

    This is not a comment. Please help me with this following issue.

    I am using Flash builder 4.5 and Ruby on Rails as the server and currently sqlite3 is my database.
    I’ll port it to MySql soon. The web app is in development mode.

    Here is my problem:

    I have a datagroup with Arraycollection as a dataProvider. And I have an Item renderer for this DataGroup.
    Initially this datagroup lists all the cell phone accessories. I have a DDL to select a specific category of
    cell phone accessories, for example Blue tooth headsets or Batteries. On the change event of the DDL I remove
    all the items from the dataProvider array collection and re populate it appropriately.
    Though the array list gets chaged behind the scenes and the numbder of items listed changes accordingly
    the first items or not changing.

    For example: There are 2 Bluetooth headsets listed when the user selects Blutooth head sets as the category.
    But When the user changes to Batteries as the selected category there are 3 batteries. But it shows two Blue tooth
    head sets and the third one is the 3rd battery. I have a details title window for each one of the items
    listed and it show the correct data.

    Note: I had a master list of accessories as array collection and take a subset into a filtered array collection as a
    data provider. And I changed it to one Array cllection and it queries the back end when the user chaned the
    category. Both behave similarly. No changes. I have similar mechanism for listing phones. That works fine.

    I think there is a refresh problem.

    Any insight into this is much appreciated.


  5. Mario says:

    Hi Jason,

    About GPU render mode for IOS. I wonder, do you know exactly which part of your “ListFormItemRenderer” crashes on IOS? The list item loses its background when rotating, or hitting it

    Thanks in advance

  6. Viking says:

    About inDesign’s XML,

    parse the xml (content of the magasine for example) into a flex program to reproduce the same content as a page magasine in indesign.

    — Parsing XML (lots of xml) in real time
    — displaying these xml into flex program or components that reproduce a indesign template

    thanks, sorry for my bad english

  7. Raj Kotecha says:

    Hi Jason,

    It’s my first time on this blog. It looks like there’s a lot of great content here for which I’m very grateful.

    I had a question: Is it feasible (bearing in mind resource + api mapping constraints) to build a simple drawing app using Flex? Something that would allow a user to draw smooth (sexy) freehand lines? My guess is that something like this would probably require native iOS sdk. (I’m targeting iOS).


  8. Capt Chuck says:

    I just discovered your blog and I will be reading it end-to-end. My immediate interest is if there is any way in flex to create an IOS IPAD application that can show one set of content on the IPAD and a different set of content on an attached external display. Similar to what the presentation software does … allowing IPAD user to see presenters notes while the external monitor only sees the presentation. This sounds tough, I’m hoping it’s easier than it sounds.

    Many thanks.

  9. Damon says:

    Can you do a tutorial to show how to make the floating group titles in a list (similar to the list in the 2011 max companion app)? What is the best way to implement this type of list.