Mobile Skinning Articles

The final article of my 3-part mobile skinning series is now posted at Adobe Developer Connection. Part 3 covers several topics related to multiplatform development, targeting Android, iOS and BlackBerry Tablet OS. I also cover how to use CSS media queries and how to create your own theme projects.

Check out all three:

Flex mobile skins – Part 1: Optimized skinning basics
Flex mobile skins – Part 2: Handling different pixel densities
Flex mobile skins – Part 3: Multiplatform development

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7 Responses to Mobile Skinning Articles

  1. Jason, well written series! Plenty of details to digest here.

  2. Art says:

    I have a mobile list of photo thumbnails I want to display with IconItemRenderer. Should I:

    – Convert the images to PNG’s on the server or leave them as JPG’s?

    – Convert the thumbnails into 50×50, 75×75 & 100×100 sizes on the server and present them in IconItemRenderer using MultiDPIBitmapSource or scale a 50×50 image up since I’m using auto-scaling (applicationDPI=”160″)?

    Thanks, the articles and your Dev Week presentations have been super helpful!

    • Jason San Jose says:

      1) PNG or JPG is up to you. You’ll get better compression with JPG.
      2) Pre-rendering would be the most optimized route. Auto-scaling or not, you want to use MultiDPIBitmapSource always.

  3. Art says:

    I am getting unwanted backgrounds on my custom skins from the original skin. Illustration here:

    For both the checkbox and radio button I have just 2 fxg’s. The Unselected state fxg is applied to upIconClass & downIconClass, all other classes get the Selected state fxg.

    Thank you again for your help.

  4. Jason San Jose says:

    Override drawBackground() so that it does nothing. The base classes account for the original FXG graphic shapes.

  5. Art says:

    Thank you very much!

    FWIW, I signed up for MAX and really wanted to go to your Skinning session on Tuesday but it’s booked up. Any chance it will move to a bigger room or something?

    • Jason San Jose says:

      No idea. I’ll post an update if I hear from the organizers. It sounds like you’re already well on your way though if you’re reading this blog. 🙂