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Update Subclipse, Seriously

There’s a known data loss bug when using Subclipse and performing a package rename refactoring that includes subpackages

Please go to the Subclipse download page or simply use this update site to get the latest version of Subclipse.

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Workaround for using the latest nightly SDK 4.0 builds with Flash Builder Beta 2

The latest builds of SDK 4.0 have been updated in preparation for
including playerglobal.swc for Flash Player 10.1. Flash Builder Beta 2
can not find playerglobal.swc due to the addition of the
{targetPlayerMinorVersion} variable found in the flex-config.xml file.

When using recent nightly SDKs with Flash Builder Beta 2, please modify them as follows:

1) Rename the folder <nightly sdk location>/frameworks/libs/player/10.0 to “10”

2) Edit the file <nightly sdk location>/frameworks/flex-config.xml and remove “.{targetPlayerMinorVersion}” and save

you restart Flash Builder, we will now find a correct location for
playerglobal.swc, allowing for code hints and many other features to
work properly.

Update: Also make sure you’re using the correct namespace declaration. Replace xmlns:mx=”library://” with xmlns:mx=”library://“. When using the nightly builds, Beta 2 does not create MXML files with the correct namespace. Thanks.

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