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Burrito Feature: Plug-in Installer

In Flash Builder Burrito we simplified our installer options to default to the standalone version. For users with existing Eclipse environments, we still have the option to install Flash Builder as a plug-in.

After you’ve run the installer, find the plug-in utility:

Mac: /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder Burrito/utilities/
Win: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder Burrito\utilities\FB_Burrito_Plugin_Utility.exe

Following distributions are supported:

  • Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
  • Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
  • Eclipse Classic
  • Eclipse for PHP Developers

On Mac, make sure you’re using the 32-bit Cocoa distributions. Get more info on the system requirements page.

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Burrito Feature: Text Navigation

Text navigation? Many users I’ve talked to know how big a fan I am of CamelCase support. In Flash Builder Burrito, we’ve added support in ActionScript, MXML and CSS for moving the cursor between sub-words and we’ve also added punctuation support. To use the feature on Mac use OPTION + ARROW LEFT/RIGHT and on use Windows CTRL + ARROW LEFT/RIGHT. You can combine this with SHIFT to select sub-words as well.

Before Burrito, this feature only used the platform OS navigation text functions. It wasn’t very consistent from left to right and it didn’t know about specific ActionScript, MXML and CSS punctuation.

Here are some use cases for using sub-word navigation:

  • Using the keyboard to move faster on a long line of code. Instead of just HOME, END, arrow keys or the mouse, you can use sub-word navigation to get to the correct word faster
  • Select parts of names faster for copying, editing or removing. For example, if I have “ActionBarButtionSkinBase” and I want to copy out “ButtonSkinBase”, I can use CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW LEFT 3 times to select just the text that I want. That’s a lot more convenient than pressing and holding ARROW LEFT or using the mouse.
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Burrito Feature: File Associations

File associations? Not exactly a new idea for applications, but the recent release of Eclipse 3.6 allows us to add platform OS support for associating files with Flash Builder. That means opening a file in Finder or Spotlight on the Mac or Explorer on Windows will launch Flash Builder and open the file.

Depending on if you already have associations for .as and .mxml files, you may see this feature already enabled. To enable file associations, go to Preferences > Flash Builder > File Associations.

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Burrito Feature: ActionScript Projects

Remember when setting up ActionScript-only AIR projects was a pain? Not anymore!

The updated File > New > ActionScript Project wizard now lets you choose between “Web” and “Desktop”. No more hack required.

Also, developers who’ve had to overlay the AIR 2.5 SDK in Flex 4 / Flash Builder 4, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s another new project wizard at File > New > ActionScript Mobile project. This project will setup an ActionScript-only mobile project that you can simulate on your desktop in AIR or push to a device just like a Flex Mobile project.

I’ll reiterate: The Burrito preview release ships with the Flex Hero SDK preview release which contains the public release of the AIR 2.5 SDK.

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