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Targeting Flash Player 10.1 Beta in Flash Builder 4


  1. Install the Flash Player 10.1 Beta
  2. Install the debugger player from the same location
  3. Download playerglobal.swc
  4. Copy playerglobal.swc to the following folder …/Adobe Flash Builder
  5. In your project properties, under Adobe Flash Player options, select “Use a specific version” and choose 10.1.0.

To do this with SDK 3.x, replace the player/10/playerglobal.swc with the 10.1 version of the SWC. You may want to make a backup copy before you do this.

FYI: Because Flash Player 10.1 is still in beta, it is not included in the the Flash Builder 4 release.

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Using the AIR 2 SDK in Flash Builder 4

The release notes on Adobe Labs have instructions for overlaying the SDK in Flex Builder 3 with SDK 3.2.0 You can follow these same instructions for Flash Builder 4 and the Flex 4 SDK.

Be sure that you follow these instructions exactly. You might expect that you can simply copy the files into the 4.0.0 folder and everything should work right? Well, (1) that’s not how it works and (2) you want to keep the AIR 2 beta and the Flex 4 release as separate SDKs in your development environment so that you can still use the stable Flex 4 SDK.

Simply copying the AIR 2 SDK into the existing 4.0.0 folder has some side effects. The most obvious effect is that once Flash Builder caches the Flex 4 framework, it won’t re-parse SWCs in the SDK library path. The most obvious one is airglobal.swc. Do this the wrong way and you’ll find that classes like TouchEvent are missing from code hints.

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