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Accessing ActionScript and Flex SDK Reference Offline

You can cache content locally using Adobe Help. From Flash Builder, go to Help > Flash Builder Help.

  1. In Adobe Help
    (a.k.a, Adobe Community Help Client), go to Preferences
  2. Select
    Download Preferences, make sure Flex 4 is checked. Select Flex 4 and select the help package for “ActionScript 3.0 Language and Component Reference” and any additional packages you wish to download. The full set of Flex 4 help packages is currently around 70 MB. 
  3. Select Local
    Content, update all packages if an update is available.

With the content cached, you can access offline help.
Make sure you select “Flex 4” in the search box, “Local Help” for your Search Location and
“ActionScript 3.0 Language and Component Reference” for your Filter Results. Despite the name, this will include both built-in Flash and Flex APIs in the search results.

If you only want reference information about Flash
Builder (not including Flex or Flash ASDoc), you can download this PDF or simply follow the same steps to cache “Using Adobe Flash Builder 4”. 

It’s important to note that Flash Builder 4 no longer uses Eclipse’s help system to deliver help content.

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Open ASDoc Language Reference in Browser

If you prefer to see help content in the browser instead of the Adobe Community Help application, do the following:
  1. Open Adobe Community Help
  2. Edit > Preferences
  3. Select “General Settings”
  4. Select “Open Help in browser”
Beware that this will affect all Adobe applications, not just Flash Builder.
Users of prior versions of Flex Builder are accustomed to opening the language reference in a browser. I should point out that for the Flex 4 SDK, available ASDoc content appears in code hints, tooltips and in the ASDoc view that appears in the default Flash perspective.
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