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Java Development in Flash Builder 4 Standalone

Question: How can I edit Java code inside Flash Builder?

I’ve seen this question a quite few times on the forums. For users new to Eclipse and/or Flash Builder, it’s not immediately obvious. The short story is that since Flash Builder is based on Eclipse, users get the benefit of the Eclipse plug-in ecosystem. The classic Eclipse distribution is widely known for it’s Java IDE.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to installing the Java Development Tools (JDT) provided by Eclipse:

1) Open Flash Builder
2) Help > Install New Software…
3) At the top of the dialog, click “Add…” to add an update site URL
4) Specify any name and this URL Press OK.
5) In the table of features, expand “Programming Languages” and select “Eclipse Java Development Tools”
6) Finish the wizard

You’ll be prompted to restart Flash Builder when installation is complete. From here, if you want to jump right into Java development, I recommend you switch perspectives (Window > Perspective > Other > Java). This configures the workbench window so that Java-related actions are the primary focus.

Click here for more information about Java development in Eclipse.

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Snow Leopard, Cocoa and the 64-bit Problem

Let’s just get to the details:

Therefore, Snow Leopard users may see issues launching Flash Builder. To fix this, switch the default JVM to 32-bit

  1. Launch Applications > Utilities > Java Preferences
  2. Under Java Applications, drag and drop to re-order the Java versions so that a 32-bit version is the first one in the list


If you have an account on our bug database, you can watch FB-15844 and be notified when the bug is fixed.
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Improving Compiler Performance for Large Projects

  1. Exit Flash Builder or Eclipse
  2. Open your FlashBuilder.ini or eclipse.ini file
    • Mac
      1. Right click on Adobe Flash Builder or, Show Package Contents
      2. Open Contents > MacOS > Adobe Flash Builder 4.ini or eclipse.ini
    • Windows
      1. Open C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\FlashBuilder.ini or <path to Eclipse>\eclipse.ini
  3. Find the maximum heap size setting, e.g. “-Xmx512m”
  4. Choose a new value for Xmx
  5. Save and restart Flash Builder or Eclipse
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