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Patch for Snow Leopard line number scrolling bug

One of the most “popular” bugs in my bug queue has been FB-23023. Essentially, if you’re using Snow Leopard with Flash Builder and your window is on a secondary monitor, the line numbers in code editors stop scrolling. That’s a pretty annoying bug for someone who just bought a shiny new Macbook and hooked up an external monitor.
Luckily, the folks at were able to narrow down the issue and referenced the fix that was applied for the future 3.6 release.
And to top it off, Rick Winscot went out of his way to build a patch that’s easily applied to standalone and plugin installations of Flash Builder. Thanks, Rick!
Update: To run Flash Builder with the -clean option, do the following:
  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Right click on “Adobe Flash Builder”, show package contents
  3. Expand Contents > MacOS
  4. Drag and drop “Adobe Flash Builder 4” to the terminal window
  5. Add ” -clean”
  6. Run
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