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Update Subclipse, Seriously

There’s a known data loss bug when using Subclipse and performing a package rename refactoring that includes subpackages

Please go to the Subclipse download page or simply use this update site to get the latest version of Subclipse.

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Targeting Flash Player 10.1 Beta in Flash Builder 4


  1. Install the Flash Player 10.1 Beta
  2. Install the debugger player from the same location
  3. Download playerglobal.swc
  4. Copy playerglobal.swc to the following folder …/Adobe Flash Builder
  5. In your project properties, under Adobe Flash Player options, select “Use a specific version” and choose 10.1.0.

To do this with SDK 3.x, replace the player/10/playerglobal.swc with the 10.1 version of the SWC. You may want to make a backup copy before you do this.

FYI: Because Flash Player 10.1 is still in beta, it is not included in the the Flash Builder 4 release.

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Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 on Adobe Forums

The Flex Forum at is a great place to ask Flex and Flash Builder questions. Community members and Adobe staff are there to help with your questions and issues.

Another good resource is the Flex bug database at If you find a bug in the Flex SDK or Flash Builder, please file it. You can also find existing bugs and features to vote on for fixing in a future release

Twitter is one way of getting noticed, but it doesn’t fully substitute for threaded conversations in the forums or in our bug database for classification, triage, and resolution. It’s easier for us to reference a bug link than a tweet. It’s also surprisingly easy to miss a tweet and much harder to miss bugs in bug queue’s that get assigned to real people.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Snow Leopard, Cocoa and the 64-bit Problem

Let’s just get to the details:

Therefore, Snow Leopard users may see issues launching Flash Builder. To fix this, switch the default JVM to 32-bit

  1. Launch Applications > Utilities > Java Preferences
  2. Under Java Applications, drag and drop to re-order the Java versions so that a 32-bit version is the first one in the list


If you have an account on our bug database, you can watch FB-15844 and be notified when the bug is fixed.
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Time Saver: Run to Line

With all the great new data-centric development features in Flash Builder 4, it’s easy to miss the quick time saving features. Especially the ones that we take for granted in other IDEs. One of my missions here on Flash Builder Tips is to highlight these simple, time saving features.

Feature: Run to Line, CTRL+R / CMD+R

Problem: In Flex Builder 3, in order to break on a line you would either have to set a new breakpoint on the desired line or, while suspended, step over lines until you reached the desired line. This was a bit annoying since many other IDEs for other runtimes support run to line.

Solution: Um…implement Run to Line. While suspended, set the cursor on the desired line and press CTRL+R / CMD+R.

Stay tuned for more tips like this one.

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Troubleshooting Plug-in Installations into Flash Builder Standalone

Unable to install Eclipse plug ins in standalone Flash Builder. 
Insufficient privileges.

Increased user privileges are required to install Eclipse plug ins into
the standalone distribution of Flash Builder


  • On OS X and Windows XP, logged in to a user account with Administrator
    privileges, then launch and install the Eclipse plug ins.
  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7, launch Flash Builder via the “Run as
    Administrator” context menu option, authenticate if prompted and then
    install the Eclipse plug ins.

Note: If you are installing ColdFusion Builder or the LCDS Modeler plug
ins, you will need to run Flash Builder once using a user account that
is in the Administrator group on OS X or XP or with “Run As
Administrator” on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Using the AIR 2 SDK in Flash Builder 4

The release notes on Adobe Labs have instructions for overlaying the SDK in Flex Builder 3 with SDK 3.2.0 You can follow these same instructions for Flash Builder 4 and the Flex 4 SDK.

Be sure that you follow these instructions exactly. You might expect that you can simply copy the files into the 4.0.0 folder and everything should work right? Well, (1) that’s not how it works and (2) you want to keep the AIR 2 beta and the Flex 4 release as separate SDKs in your development environment so that you can still use the stable Flex 4 SDK.

Simply copying the AIR 2 SDK into the existing 4.0.0 folder has some side effects. The most obvious effect is that once Flash Builder caches the Flex 4 framework, it won’t re-parse SWCs in the SDK library path. The most obvious one is airglobal.swc. Do this the wrong way and you’ll find that classes like TouchEvent are missing from code hints.

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Flash Builder 4 Advanced Tips and Tricks on Adobe TV

In case you haven’t already seen this, Scott Evans’ MAX talk “Flash Builder 4 Advanced Tips and Tricks” is up on Adobe TV.

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