New Forum Interface Coming to

Coming soon, Adobe will be updating its user forums with a new improved interface. You can preview the new interface through April 3rd here:

Here are some of the improvements. Some are new or updated depending on which system you are coming in from. For example, the old Macromedia forums didn’t allow images, but the old Adobe ones did.

• Combined previous (Macromedia and Adobe) forums into one
• New software platform
• Email participation
• RSS feeds
• Unified Adobe ID login
• Embed videos and images
• File Attachments
• Updated look and feel

There’s also a FAQ about the changes here:

The live date for the change is still to be determined, but should be fairly soon. I’ll post again when the switch has happened.


• OLD Forums will go down at 3pm PST on Friday, April 3.
• NEW Forums will be back online around 12:00 pm (Noon) PST on Sunday, April 5.

More notable highlights
• Integration of Adobe ID for true single sign on to all Forums
• Consolidation of Macromedia and Adobe Forums onto one new system.
• Updated look and feel, more consistent with other forum systems
• Email participation, including starting a new discussion and alerts
• RSS feeds for many parts of the forum (topics, users, announcements, etc.)
• Improved moderation capabilities (hosts can delete inappropriate content)
• Rich text options: inline images and videos, file attachments, code samples
• Improved search capabilities:
o Wildcard searches (Multiple or single character)
o Fuzzy Search (search for foam also retrieves roams)
o Proximity, weighting, date range, specific user

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