Flash for After Effects and After Effects for Flash


Richard Harrington and Marcus Geduld at Peachpit Press have just released a new book about Flash and After Effects. They do a great job of explaining each application in terms that users of the other application can understand. It’s a great mapping between the functionalities of the 2 applications. They also provide a lot of information about how to use the applications in concert with one another.

Peachpit Press has made these two chapters available on their website:

The rest of the book goes on to explain how you do creative and production work in each of these applications and then move the pieces and outputs back and forth to get the best of both. But you have to buy the book to get those parts. I’m pretty sure that many of you will do just that as soon as you see the value in the introductory chapters.

Thank you, Richard and Marcus, for creating a two-way information bridge between these two applications.

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