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The new Adobe Cookbooks application is now live…


The Adobe Developer Connection is has announced that the brand new Adobe Cookbooks application is now live. This uber Adobe Cookbook application replaces the individual, product-specific cookbook applications that were previously in place for Flex, AIR and Mobile. The new application will still support those technologies, in addition to a dozen or so additional technologies, all within a single application. For those new to the cookbook applications, they are a searchable repository for community-generated code samples.

You can read more about the new application in Ed Sullivan’s Logged In article on the Adobe Developer Connection.

A few key Cookbook links: – Cookbook home

New Excerpts Available: Video with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Studio Techniques


This very useful new book by Robert Reinhardt has just been published by Peachpit Press. This new book covers in-depth the preparation and delivery of video for the web via Flash CS4 Professional.

2 chapter excerpts have been posted to the web:

In particular, page 3 of the Compression and Encoding Primer covers the Sorenson Spark and On2 VP6 codecs primarily used with Flash.

Please take a look at these excerpts. They should be very helpful to all of you getting up to speed with Flash video. And let me know in the comments what you think of them.


New version of Adobe TV is Live


The Adobe TV web site has recently undergone a major overhaul, and shows many significant improvements. Many users, including myself, have had complaints about the user interface, and navigation in particular, and these are much better.

Improvements include:

  • User-customizable homepage
  • Vastly improved navigation & search – You can actually see a list of the other episodes in a series while watching a specific episode.
  • Save your favorite episodes to “My Library”
  • Share videos on social networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, and StumbleUpon
  • Subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite shows
  • Pop-out the video player to view videos at any size
  • Commenting & Rating
  • Tags
  • Much better performance

There are also now channels that are much more useful than before.

For all of you who appreciate video tutorials as a part of your learning process, I hope you find the new interface helps you find what you’re looking for and learn Flash and the other products faster.

Are you going to MAX?

Hello, friends of Adobe,

Are you going to MAX?

We are putting together some sessions with snacks and drinks to get feedback on the new version of Community Help with an all new AIR interface and some helpful new features.

The sessions will be held at these times:
• Monday 10/5/09 11:30 am – 1 pm
• Tuesday 10/6/09 4:30 pm – 6 pm

Please contact tknoop at if you think you can make either of these sessions at MAX and she’ll send you more details.