New version of Adobe TV is Live


The Adobe TV web site has recently undergone a major overhaul, and shows many significant improvements. Many users, including myself, have had complaints about the user interface, and navigation in particular, and these are much better.

Improvements include:

  • User-customizable homepage
  • Vastly improved navigation & search – You can actually see a list of the other episodes in a series while watching a specific episode.
  • Save your favorite episodes to “My Library”
  • Share videos on social networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, and StumbleUpon
  • Subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite shows
  • Pop-out the video player to view videos at any size
  • Commenting & Rating
  • Tags
  • Much better performance

There are also now channels that are much more useful than before.

For all of you who appreciate video tutorials as a part of your learning process, I hope you find the new interface helps you find what you’re looking for and learn Flash and the other products faster.

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