Planning Flash Pro CS5 Tutorials?

Are you considering creating written or video tutorials for Flash Pro CS5? If so, Adobe is willing to collaborate with you toward the following ends:

• We can point out to you new features in Flash Pro CS5 in need of tutorials.
• You need not be on the Flash Pro CS5 Beta list, we can get you added.
• We can let you know of some tutorials already in production, in case you’d like to avoid duplicating the efforts of others.
• We can create links from the Flash Pro Help system to your tutorials, to drive traffic to your site.
• We can help you post your video tutorials to Adobe TV, if that is something you would like to do.

If you are considering creating videos, here are some of the common characteristics we have found in the most successful video tutorials:

• Video duration is 5-8 minutes. Users resoundingly prefer short content.
• Steps present real-life workflow, avoiding tangent information or alternate workflows.
• Voiceover is clear, in sync, and descriptive of each step on screen.
• Speed of voiceover is not rushed and is appropriate to understanding of content.
• Product UI is legible in video after compression (see Learn CS4 shows for examples).
• Avoid long (4+ seconds) narrated sequences without action.
• Use of overlays of pointers or highlights does not distract from content.
• Assets are simple and relevant to the task. Aesthetics and design quality of assets are relevant to the user audience.
• Credits are brief (around 10 seconds) so users don’t give up before the content begins

If you are interested in coordinating your tutorial efforts with Adobe’s in-house documentation efforts for Flash Pro CS5, please drop me a line at jarmstrong at After we receive your signed NDA, I can share more specific information.

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