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Flash Glossaries around the Web

I have been asked many times if there is a decent Flash glossary out there, so I thought I would create an entry to act as a hub for such glossaries. Please send me links in the comments to any that I have missed or that are added in the future. I’ll add them to the list as they come in.

Please also send comments about terms that you think should be included in glossaries. I’d love to hear what terms you have found frustrating or confusing in your own learning process or with people you’ve taught.

In most cases, the glossaries that exist provide only fairly cursory definitions. It’s not that I think there should be a whole treatise on each term, but it would be nice to see definitions that give a new or learning user a real sense of what a term means and how it fits into Flash as a whole.

Here are a few links to what’s out there so far:

Addison-Wesley’s Web Wizard Series:
This one has a decent list of terms, often with fairly short definitions.
This one is very short, and somewhat out of date. One nice thing about it is that some of the entries have links to short tutorials.

Flash SEO:
This one, at the Flash Search Engine Optimization web site, is pretty light weight, but it’s nice to see it as a start. I’m not sure it will help anyone who really needs it. Hopefully it’s a work in progress.

Know of any other Flash Glossaries? Please send me those links!

Kevin Lynch speaks about the future of Flash

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Kevin Lynch has written a blog post about the future of Flash and its place in the technology landscape. He addresses the variety of mobile devices, the iPad, and HTML5. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re interested in hearing the inside perspective from one of the lead architects of Flash’s trajectory.

Update: as of 2/3/2010, there are over 70 comments on Kevin’s post. Kevin has added a lengthy comment in response, which you can see here.