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Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Help is live

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Help is now live, so you can read all about the new features.

The What’s New page lists all the new features and other changes to the application. Here are the highlights:

  • A new Text Layout Framework text engine, which provides greatly expanded text layout and control capabilities.
  • A new Font Embedding dialog box that is used to manage all embedded fonts on a per FLA basis rather than the older per-text field basis.
  • The Code Snippets panel allows you to quickly apply code to objects or the timeline to enable many common types of functionality. This panel also allows you create and share your own re-usable snippets, and is a great way to begin learning code from the simple snippets that it provides. You can create entire simple applications with only code snippets.
  • Video Cue Points are easier to work with and can be seen and edited in the Properties panel.
  • The Packager for iPhone Preview allows you to deploy your applications on the iPhone.
  • FLVPlayback Component live preview on stage allows you to watch and seek to any point in an FLV/F4V file without the need to use the Test Movie command.
  • Newly enabled workflows between Flash Pro and Flash Builder 4 allow you to edit ActionScript in Flash Builder and test and debug in Flash seamlessly.
  • FLA files are now based on a new internal XFL file format, which includes the ability to work with Uncompressed XFL, allowing individual versioning and source control of each component of the file.
  • New Decorative Drawing tools have been added for a series of new effects, including particle systems, smoke, fire, and more.
  • The new Spring properties for IK bones enable a whole new type of animation for IK armatures.
  • SWF Size History let you see the size of every SWF file you have generated from your FLA file in the Document Properties panel.

A few links in the Help may not resolve yet due to external content that is still to come, but these should be working in the very near future.