Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Help is live

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Help is now live, so you can read all about the new features.

The What’s New page lists all the new features and other changes to the application. Here are the highlights:

  • A new Text Layout Framework text engine, which provides greatly expanded text layout and control capabilities.
  • A new Font Embedding dialog box that is used to manage all embedded fonts on a per FLA basis rather than the older per-text field basis.
  • The Code Snippets panel allows you to quickly apply code to objects or the timeline to enable many common types of functionality. This panel also allows you create and share your own re-usable snippets, and is a great way to begin learning code from the simple snippets that it provides. You can create entire simple applications with only code snippets.
  • Video Cue Points are easier to work with and can be seen and edited in the Properties panel.
  • The Packager for iPhone Preview allows you to deploy your applications on the iPhone.
  • FLVPlayback Component live preview on stage allows you to watch and seek to any point in an FLV/F4V file without the need to use the Test Movie command.
  • Newly enabled workflows between Flash Pro and Flash Builder 4 allow you to edit ActionScript in Flash Builder and test and debug in Flash seamlessly.
  • FLA files are now based on a new internal XFL file format, which includes the ability to work with Uncompressed XFL, allowing individual versioning and source control of each component of the file.
  • New Decorative Drawing tools have been added for a series of new effects, including particle systems, smoke, fire, and more.
  • The new Spring properties for IK bones enable a whole new type of animation for IK armatures.
  • SWF Size History let you see the size of every SWF file you have generated from your FLA file in the Document Properties panel.

A few links in the Help may not resolve yet due to external content that is still to come, but these should be working in the very near future.

24 Responses to Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Help is live

  1. Sing ji says:

    I have multiple objects on multiple layers. How can I copy all objects to a different place on my workspace while keeping every object in the original layer?

    If I just select all the objects and copy/paste them, all objects are in the current layer. So to copy the object, I need to either loose the layer information or copy (and align) every layer separately.

  2. Dave Sundberg says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out with the Help window of Flash CS5. I recently went into the preferences and told it to launch in a browser window. However, I would like to go back to NOT launching in a browser window. How do I do this? I have looked everywhere and cannot find the preferences for the help window to switch this back. Thanks in advance, dave

    • Jay Armstrong says:

      Hi Dave,
      This is kind of hidden, so thanks for asking. Once you’ve disabled the Adobe Help application, you have to launch it manually in order to change the preference back to opening Help in the Help app.
      The Help app should be somewhere like C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Help.
      Once you have opened it, go to Edit > Preferences. In the General Settings section, go to the Accessibility Mode and select Open Help in Browser.
      There’s a note there about this, but no one would ever be able to remember it.

  3. Jason N. says:

    I have a flash file that I have made an intro and once the intro is done it loads a flv file. The flv movie plays and when it is done I want it to disappear and then have three links come onto the screen. My question is how do I get flash to recognize the video is over and to bring in the links?

  4. Arief says:

    Hi all, I have just resumed training with creating website using AdobeFlash and was fascinated with the feature codesnippets

    However!, I accidentally deleted/restarted the state back to default XML which then making all the nitty bitty codesnippets

    Do you know how to restore them back ? or help me point where I can import snippets ?

    Much appreciated


  5. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I am having problems with flash cs5, i am currently only using the trial version but i need to make a button, that links up with a website. I have all the correct and accurate actionscript but once i make my button with the name eg: b1_btn i go to ad an instance name in the instance name section, but my mouse won’t allow me to click on that and type anything in there?
    I have been using this program for the last 3 weeks and it has been fine with doing this. Now it wont let me type anything?

    Is it set up wrong or am i doing something wrong without realising?


  6. DJ says:

    I’ve made a flash website. I’ve export the swf file. I’ve imported it to my website, but there is a problem. ONLY THE FIRST SCENE PLAYS. The user is not able to click on anything else.

  7. ehsan says:

    hello, just a quick question. i am actually trying to make a website i downloaded the template here but i dunt know how to edit text, i went through the library but its not avaialble there, please help thanks

    • Jay Armstrong says:

      Text is edited in flash directly on the stage. You have to have an instance of the text on the stage and double click it.

  8. Alka says:

    Hello, I am new to Flash Animation. I have downloaded the trial version of Flash CS5. When I go to property panel, it looks different from what is shown in the videos provided by Adobe cs5. I am taking the course as well and in the classroom the version is cs3. What do I do? Thanks, Alka

    • Jay Armstrong says:

      Alka, the Properties panel changes significantly depending on what you have selected, a timeline frame, some type of symbol instance on the stage, an item in the library, etc. Always in Flash it is very important to be aware of what your current selection is. Just about everything you do in Flash depends on what the selection is. You should be able to go back to the videos and follow what is being selected in the video and then you should see the same thing in the properties panel. Also, the panel has been modified slightly from version to version, and some older videos will show the older versions of the panel, but that shouldn’t get in your way, as the changes are mostly minor.

  9. C Gill says:

    Why did you break the help section and is there anyway to fix it? I work in a Dev environment. With the help section only being online I cannot get to it while I am working on my projects. Additionally, it used to be super useful. Highlight what you need to know about, right click, choose view help, instant and useful help. Now, all I get to is the not useful table of contents links. Why? This is supremely irritating.

  10. Jay Armstrong says:

    @C Gill, The Community Help Client should launch when you open the Help. It is our stand alone Help viewer and allows you to download the help for any of your installed products for offline viewing. You can configure the local download settings in the preferences. The CHC should also be showing you individual ActionScript entries when you right click on an ActionScript element in the Actions Panel or Script window. You can get the latest version of the CHC here: It has several bug fixes and may clear up the issue you are having with the ActionScript reference.

  11. jam says:

    import fl.controls.Slider;
    import flash.filters.GlowFilter;


    hs.visible = true;
    function onSliderChange(event : SliderEvent) : void
    var s : Slider = event.currentTarget as Slider;
    var glowArray:Array = [new GlowFilter(0xff0000,s.value/100,4,4,2,1,false,false)];
    rect.filters = glowArray;
    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: SliderEvent.

    do you now why, i have import import; at the top but still it dosent work

  12. Jenny says:

    I have several buttons that when clicked show text in a dynamic text box. I want to style part of the text bold, some of it a different font size and leading. I am completely new to flash and have already spent over a week trying to figure this out- already checked the flash help files and other websites for help but it doesn’t do much good since AS3 makes no sense to me. I’ve been told i should do a stylesheet but i have no idea how to do that either. Hoping someone will please explain what/how i can style this text or point me to a good step by step tutorial. (I know i can use the bold tags right where by text is but other than that i have no idea. Here is my code:

    var green_btnInfo = “I want this line to be bold and 14ptThis line should also be bold and 14ptThis line should be regular and 10pt and i want to control it’s leading”;

    green_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, showInfo);

    function showInfo(evt:MouseEvent):void
    textBox.htmlText = this[ + “Info”];

  13. Paul says:

    I am making a flash website and I’ve embedded my type face but when i try edit the site on my laptop at home, the font reverts back to a system font. I thought Id embedded the typeface properly but can not figure out where I’ve gone wrong. I’m using flash cs5. Please help!

    • Jay Armstrong says:

      This is really a question for the forums, but…

      Embedding a font only makes it available to the SWF when the SWF is played back by Flash Player. To edit the FLA on another machine, you’ll need to have the font on that other machine. Embedding for playback doesn’t break anyone’s copyright. Embedding for *use* on other machines would run afoul of whoever is selling the font.