New Help for Flash Catalyst “Panini” posted

The Flash Catalyst documentation team has posted a new build of the Panini Help system at

If you are interested in the very cool (IMHO)  Catalyst product, check out the new Help and learn about the new features. Here’s a sample:

  • New designer-developer workflows between Flash Catalyst Panini and Flash Builder Burrito
  • Resizable applications and components
  • New components and intuitive components interface
  • Default color theme
  • Easy access to developer-defined components
  • More intuitive component naming
  • Replacing objects on the artboard
  • Enhanced alignment options
  • Transition timeline improvements
  • Interaction enhancements
  • Working with data lists defined by a developer

Flash Catalyst is a great tool for designers looking to create interactive content. It’s specifically built to make this transition easier for traditional designers who are new to working with content for the web. You can find the overview here and in the new Help system.

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