Flash Gets Sneaky

The Flash Professional engineering team has started to offer some sneak peeks at things they are working on. Whatever you do, don’t link to this sneaky post. Some of these are admittedly more teasers than full sneaks, but they’re definitely interesting.

Sneak #1 (2/3/2011):
Interested in how to develop for mobile and different sized screens? Check out this quick peek video on what the Flash Professional team is working on and stay tuned for more! http://bit.ly/hPUY1w

Sneak #2 (2/8/2011):
If you work with or want to work with projects on multiple devices across multiple screen sizes, here’s a quick peek into what’s in store in this week’s behind-the-scenes with the Flash Professional team.¬† http://bit.ly/gCVGr9

Sneak #3 (2/16/2011)
See how Flash Pro can easily update shared assets on projects for different  sized screens. http://bit.ly/gTwCWX

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