New Flash Pro CS5.5 feature explanation videos

Paul Trani, excellent instructor and Flash Platform evangelist, has recently published 4 new videos explaining how to use some of the features that were added in Flash CS5.5.

  • Scaling Multiple Selected Motion Tweens
    Discusses the challenge of scaling complex animations across multiple screen sizes, and offers a couple of workflows for accomplishing this in Flash Pro.
  • Using Text Container Manager for Runtime TLF
    Highlights the strengths of TLF text and reveals a few tricks for optimizing SWF file sizes by using the Text Container Manager (TCM). TCM text is a subset of TLF text functionality that yields smaller file sizes and is appropriate for any text that will not change at runtime.
  • Multiple Spans on an IK Layer
    Demonstrates the animation potential of IK layers in Flash Professional CS5.5, allowing you to link assets together to create dynamic, skeleton-like structures. IK layers act sort of like like Motion tweens.

Check them out.

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