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Flash Gets Sneaky

The Flash Professional engineering team has started to offer some sneak peeks at things they are working on. Whatever you do, don’t link to this sneaky post. Some of these are admittedly more teasers than full sneaks, but they’re definitely interesting.

Sneak #1 (2/3/2011):
Interested in how to develop for mobile and different sized screens? Check out this quick peek video on what the Flash Professional team is working on and stay tuned for more!

Sneak #2 (2/8/2011):
If you work with or want to work with projects on multiple devices across multiple screen sizes, here’s a quick peek into what’s in store in this week’s behind-the-scenes with the Flash Professional team.

Sneak #3 (2/16/2011)
See how Flash Pro can easily update shared assets on projects for different  sized screens.

Flash Player 10.2 announced

Flash Player 10.2 has been announced.  Video on the web will become both much faster and less processor hungry.

The new features in 10.2 include:

  • Stage Video, a full hardware accelerated video pipeline for best-in-class, beautiful video across platforms and browsers
  • Custom native mouse cursors
  • Multiple monitor full-screen support
  • Internet Explorer 9 hardware accelerated rendering support
  • Enhanced sub-pixel rendering for superior text readability

Helpful Flash Player 10.2 resources:

Flash Player Team blog post:

Adobe Developer Center:

3rd Party Blog posts and demos:

  • Brightcove:

    Flash Pro CS5 Learn by Video excerpts posted

    Peachpit Press has kindly posted several exerpts from their Learn by Video series for Flash Pro CS5. We worked together to pick sections that are appropriate to the kinds of things beginners have trouble with.

    Here’s the list:

    Update of Using Flash Pro posted

    I just posted an updated version of Using Flash Professional. The update contains various fixes to bugs pointed out by users. Thanks to all of you for your help. There are also additional links to community videos and tutorials, mainly in the motion tween, classic tween, and IK topics. the tween topics have also been tweaked to improve scannabilty.

    As always, keep the comments coming if you see an error, want to make a clarification, or to add a link to a quality piece of community content that is relevant to a topic. Your comments are a lifeblood of Community Help.

    Ask a CS Pro session w/Paul Trani July 23rd

    Upcoming Ask a CS Pro session: Creating Multiscreen Content using Flash Professional CS5 with Paul Trani July 23rd, 12 PM PDT

    Paul Trani will take you through how to develop Flash content for web, desktop, and for mobile devices. Starting out with an overview of design considerations as well as important optimization techniques so your content plays exceptional regardless of platform. Also, see how to adjust content regardless of screen size as well as how to take advantage of specific functionality on devices such as multitouch and acceleromenter capabilities as well as accessing the native keyboard. A must-see session for anyone interested in going beyond the laptop browser.

    You’re invited: free webinars (June 22-24)- Going Multi-Screen with the Flash Platform

    With the final releases of Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2, you are invited to a series of free webinars introducing the new multi-screen development capabilities of the Flash Platform. You will discover the exciting new features of Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 and learn the best practices from leading industry experts on how to create and optimize web content, video, and applications across desktop and mobile. To register, visit

    Tuesday, June 22, 9AM – 10AM Pacific Time
    Best practices in optimizing web content for Flash Player 10.1

    Tuesday, June 22, 1PM – 2PM Pacific Time
    The quickest way to build cross-platform apps with AIR 2

    Wednesday, June 23, 9AM – 10AM Pacific Time
    Rich Internet App development with Flash Builder 4 for Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2

    Thursday, June 24 9AM – 10AM Pacific Time
    Multi-screen web content development with Flash Pro CS5

    Understanding and Using IK Spring Properties

    Venerable Flash animator Chris Georgenes has created a very nice and helpful video tutorial about the new Spring properties that can be set on bones when working with inverse kinematics (IK) armatures in Flash. These properties, Strength and Damping, can be confusing at first, and usually require a little bit of experimentation in order to create the specific effect you are looking for.

    Chris’ video helps a lot with this and should save you a lot of time getting up to speed with the new properties.

    Chris has also written an article explaining the use of the new properties in detail. The video and article can be found here:

    Great new community videos from

    The folks at have been hard at work on some really helpful new video tutorials for Flash Pro CS5. Here are the ones I’ve had a chance to look at so far:

    There are more that just these 3, so check those out too at

    Thanks to Barbara, Doug, and Dan at FlashandMath for their valuable contributions to the Flash user community. Keep it up guys!

    Adobe Labs Ideas site now live

    We have launched a new site on Adobe Labs to ask for your ideas about the Flash Platform products and give you a chance to see others’ ideas and vote on them. If you have features or enhancements you’d like to see in Flash Professional or any of the other platform tools, post your input at Adobe Labs Ideas.

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