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Cross-device development in Flash Pro

There are a lot of people out there looking to figure out the ins and outs of authoring for multiple device types in Flash Pro, especially since the release of CS5.5. This newest version of Flash Pro added several new features to make it easier to create content that will be deployed on more than one type of device, including:

  • The ability to share assets across fla files during authoring (making it easier to use the same assets in FLAs destined for different screen sizes
  • The ability to scale the entire contents of the Stage in an existing FLA when the stage is resized
  • Code snippets for taking advantage of mobile device capabilities, such as touch, accelerometer, etc.
  • Code templates for mobile authoring
  • Publishing via AIR for iOS and Android
  • On-device debugging via a USB port

A number of very good quality tutorials and demos have sprung up to help you get a handle on using these features in your projects. Here are some of the newer entries that you will hopefully find helpful. All but 1 of them is by Paul Trani. Thanks Paul!

Code snippets and templates:

MAX sessions, Oct, 2011:

Coding for device features:

New video: Using Code Snippets for Mobile Development

Paul Trani has just posted a new video tutorial to Adobe TV. This one shows how you can create an entire mobile application using only the code snippets that come with Flash Pro CS5.5. He also goes through the process of getting the app onto his smart phone for testing.

ADC Presents – Code Snippets for Mobile Development | Adobe TV.