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Adobe Hispano 2010

I am continually amazed and inspired by the managers of the Spanish-speaking Adobe Users Groups (across Latin America and Europe). Their untiring efforts produce glossy online magazines, translation projects, eSeminars, online and live conferences.

Adobe Hispano is back! Version 2010 runs from 13-16 September, and features 20 speakers, representing 11 countries, over 4 days. They will showcase their tips, tricks and demos on Adobe products and technologies, entirely in Spanish. If you would like to participate, register here.

¡Que se animen!

Localization Requirements for the Flash Platform

In localization, we are often wondering how developers, in real life, use the Platform tools to build and deploy multilingual applications. We wonder if developers have a good enough command of English to use Flash Builder or Flash Pro in English? Or do they prefer to use localized versions? Do they prefer to have tutorials in their language or the product itself? What is important for them to get their work done? What about internationalization features? Is there anything preventing them from creating apps and content in languages other than English? What can we improve?

To that end, the Flex team is announcing a survey on their blog. Or if you prefer, go directly to the short survey itself. Thanks for your feedback!