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Flash Lite talks with J2ME

Flash Lite talks with J2ME: There were articles earlier today about Sony’s Project Capuchin, but now Sony has info on their website. It seems like Sony phones will have an API so that a local Java engine can communicate with the local Flash Lite engine. They cite three use cases: a Java application triggering a Flash application; using a SWF presentation layer atop a Java processing/services layer; and intermixing SWF components within a Java application. Inter-engine communication has taken place in web browsers for awhile, but implementation differences and latency limited uses… may be different in this mobile implementation. I asked within Adobe this morning for context, and heard there will be more info after a conference next week. Sony’s got some source info up now, though, to go beyond the morning’s news articles. status status: It’s apparently the Java component on the single server which went down, taking down the MXNA aggregator as well as staff weblogs. Latest info I have is that it should be a few weeks until a migration to a modern ColdFusion cluster, but I don’t have info firmer than that. Prior background info is at entries from Ben Forta and me (Google Cache). As you can tell, I’ve bailed to this implementation… not sure yet of how I’ll migrate ongoing content and legacy content, but at least I can type again…. 😉