Dreamweaver “Stiletto” public beta

Dreamweaver 1.0 arrived in public beta in 1997. It did something radically new: let you see what you were doing as you did it, while leaving your code alone. Changed things in a big way.

To do HTML before Dreamweaver, you had to either code, save, then test in a browser (“the developer”), or else do layout in a visual application which saved data to a special database before “publishing” your HTML (“the designer”). Dreamweaver 1.0 offered a faster roundtripping workflow for both, using the HTML file system for storage, and just leaving your code alone.

I think this next version of Dreamweaver, now available on Adobe Labs, has a good chance of revolutionizing things too:

(1) Any webpage is really made up of interrelated files, includes, references. This version of Dreamweaver directly accesses and unites all these files. You’re editing with the page as a compound whole.

(2) Dynamic webpages change state during execution. This version of Dreamweaver shows you the changing code, as the JavaScript adjusts it, and as the browser executes it.

(3) Troubleshooting is harder when you’re not sure what affects the current selection: “Why didn’t that style change?” This version of Dreamweaver knows how the pieces fit together, so you can directly navigate the code in multiple files.

Any of the three is a workflow-changer — new types of efficiencies make it hard to go back. Put them together, with Ajax code-hinting, CSS best-practices, tight handshaking with Photoshop, publishing to AIR… well, I think this will be a very significant release.

There’s another thing. Creative Suite 3 was very well received. But those tools were in the middle of their development cycles when the Macromedia acquisition closed. Today’s releases start to show what the new integrated Adobe can do with creative toolsets. We’re going to see acceleration from this point.

I’ll update this post with links over the next two days. I’ll open another blogpost for troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Significant release. Have fun with it. 😉

3 Responses to Dreamweaver “Stiletto” public beta

  1. Thanks alot , but is this means that CS4 will be released in a short time ?

  2. Jonas Flint says:

    Hmmm, I hope this is a big step up from the last upgrade. Last years upgrade where dreamweaver was concerned was rather pathetic. There are some things that I loved about Dreamweaver and at one point it was my editor of choice, but now a few things hold me back. You almost hit the mark with the css panel. The main problem I have with it is that it doesn’t allow an option to just view and edit my regular css code in an editor view. Instead, you have to open the css file in the editor itself, and toggle back an forth from html page to css page. Real pain… were as the current editor that I’m using (notepad++) allows split view, so that I can have css files on one side and html files on the other side and both are immediatly accessable (no back and forth toggling required). Sure the css panel is good – but many coders want to just edit their files directly, and if the css panel had a editor view, this would really be golden.
    Another thing that would be great is to have an option where if I click on a class or id of my css file, that referenced class or id in the html file is scrolled to in the editor (and vice versa). Little things like this make all the differences in the world…
    Hope my feedback is worth something….

  3. Jonas Flint says:

    sorry about the multiple posts. I’m getting strange errors posting comments on your blog, and I realized that It posted several times. Anyways, the fact tha you have to refresh or hit f5 to refresh the css panel every time you edit your html file is very annoying. Please fix this one.
    [jd sez: No, sorry Jonas, the error is on our end… for some reason this new weblog said it was publishing comments but did not display them. Now, spontaneously, it shows them again. It’s very weird. (I’m not sure about the CSS-refresh issue, but Scott Fegette has better info than me, at weblogs.macromedia.com/sfegette .)]