CNN video FAQ

Eagle-eyed news hounds may have noticed that CNN is now starting to offer a friendlier video experience, taking advantage of existing cross-OS cross-browser capabilities. That’s their story to break, though, and I’d rather not say more about it here. But I do want to point out the address to the CNN video FAQ, which is the source document on the changes. There’s also a peer-to-peer component named “Octoshape”, which has its own FAQ linked at that address. I’ll add more links to this post as they arrive. But if you happen to see anyone confused about the changes, could you drop a note in comments here, so we can make sure they’re taken care of? Thanks, and have fun. 😉

One Response to CNN video FAQ

  1. PaddyH says:

    Is everyone OK with CNN using ‘my’ bandwidth to deliver ‘their’ content to ‘their’ users? Especially as the providers like Comcast move towards capping bandwidth consumption, this is not something I feel 100% comfortable with yet.