Keeping third-party SWFfers happy

Flash Player 10 had to tighten some security policies, and most developers are already up on the news… guidance started in 2007, and DevNet and Labs updated their info with each release version, and staffers like Lee Brimelow have held extended conversations on the subject. People who create SWF seem to have already adapted to today’s darker security environment.

But recently I’ve been seeing an impact on people who use SWF, but don’t write it themselves… a few weeks ago Ajaxian reported on Ajax sites which rely on SWF for multi-file upload and who were surprised by the explicit user permission now required… this morning Allen Stern at showed the effect at WordPress, Vimeo, and Flickr.

People who create SWF are in-the-loop, but today I realized there’s a larger group of people who employ SWF who aren’t necessarily up on its use. We need to keep them happy. But I’m not sure how to reach them.

What I’m seeking from you (if you’ve got the time and info 😉 is any of a couple of things: (a) Do you know of other non-developers who are getting similar unwanted surprises? (b) Have you seen other consumer sticking-points besides programmatic file uploads? (c) Got ideas on how I might better track or reach such audiences? I realize these are vague questions, but after seeing Allen’s post this morning I realized we have to get the word out to a larger group of people. Thanks in advance if you’ve got advice for me, no worries if you don’t, ciao.

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