The thing about Player 10

Techmeme is covering the press release. I see Adobe Flash Player a little more simply.

It’s the world’s runtime. It runs across more environments than anything else. When you send it instructions, you know how it will act.

It makes display easy.

Anyone can take advantage of this predictable, ubiquitous runtime engine. It’s out there, you can just use it. Opens you up to an immense audience, costs less to test against. Your data stays your own.

The last generation was supported by over 80% of consumers in less than half a year. If Player 10 gets anywhere near that rate, then by next summer the world’s computers will have been effectively upgraded: new capabilities, that anyone can tap into.

It has been formed by a decade of strong community involvement. Its file formats are published, just like HTML. Its canonical implementation is also opening more to the world. There’s a long tradition of doing so.

Starting tonight, the world’s computers are getting upgraded. And it’s all volitional, all by free choice, decentralized. Lots of people contributed to this generation, and lots more people will benefit. It’s the world’s runtime.