No need to update

Not if you’re in Player 10, that is.

Newspaper headlines this week urge “Update your Reader 8!” and “Update your Player 9!” Careful readers might notice something odd with this advice….

Why the news cycle? Adobe released new versions of old software this week, for people on locked intranets and others who cannot yet use the current versions. Once even people on locked systems have updates for old versions, at that point we can describe in general terms what was addressed. That new documentation is what’s driving the headlines.

(I tried leaving a comment at BetaNews, but after writing it, they told me my email address was already in use. ZDNet also uses a membership system for comments, as do many others. Even the Washington Post now has a membership wall… particularly sad because some pseudonymous commenters there are seeking info about version-detection implementations on some sites. Shouting through the wind is not my strong point, but these simple truths remain.)

If you’ve got to use old software, then yes, please do use this week’s downloads to protect against the later JavaScript intrusions.

But you’re already protected if you’re using current versions.

I wish the headlines were updated as easily.