Public events at MAX?

I wasn’t at the first MacroMind Developers Conference, in Chicago 1986, but did hang around outside the SF Chinatown event a few years later — couldn’t afford a ticket, couldn’t even afford a computer at that point, but I wanted to learn, to meet people who were also inspired by these new possibilities.

This year’s Adobe MAX event is the biggest in history, but not everyone can afford the ticket price. It’s still important to get together, learn from others, put faces to the names, understand what makes other people tick.

Here are some local San Francisco events I know of which are open to both MAX attendees and non-attendees. If you know of more — even if it’s just a casual get-together at a local pub — then please drop a note in comments.

  • First, a great general guide to “Getting Around MAX 2008”, with tips for visitors from SF locals in the community.
  • Tue Nov 11 (for you early arrivers 😉 is the inaugural meeting of the Illustrator User Group, 6:30 pm, Adobe building (601 Townsend at 7th).
  • Sun Nov 16 is CF_Underground. Day events require registration, but there’s networking at a pub near Moscone early evening.
  • Tue Nov 18, Fire on the Bay, SF Fireworks User Group, 6:45 pm, Adobe building (601 Townsend at 7th), RSVP.
  • Wed Nov 19, Bay Area ColdFusion User Group, regular meeting but with MAX-themed presentations, 6:30 pm, Adobe building (601 Townsend at 7th), RSVP.
  • Thu Nov 20 (for you late departers 😉 is the regular monthly meeting of San Flashcisco (just don’t call it “Flishco”), 6:30pm, SFSU 835 Market Rm 609.
  • 360|MAX has a mini-conference within the conference, but it’s only open to MAX attendees, sorry… still, if you’re in the area, keep an eye on this website for any additional off-site get-togethers.

Got more? Even if it’s just “we’ll be talking XFL at the Chieftain”, then a note here can help bring attendees and non-attendees together. Thanks!

Addendum: Needless to say, you should attend if you can. You’ll see things first, can ask principals questions face-to-face, can confirm things with other attendees, and at the end will have a better roadmap to the future. The price is high, but it’s just governmental green tickets, and knowledge is the thing we’re on this planet for. The biggest reward we take away from such face-to-face intensives is rarely something we could anticipate — it’s important to place yourself in that environment, so that you can see what actually happens. There are still some tickets left, and you should attend if you can.

One Response to Public events at MAX?

  1. John Dowdell says:

    Similar idea, same day: “Cubicleman” lists the attendees-only ColdFusion Unconference and Flash In The Can events. I’m still seeking additional events which anyone is free to attend.