Flash on iPhone, on Twitter

I edited the last two hours’ hits at search.twitter.com for term “flash iphone”… pulled out the robot autoposts from news sites, tweets with profanity, and some that were repetitious or didn’t make sense. (I also left some out because I got tired of copy/paste. 😉

The overall emotional tenor here is representative… I left in the few that said “I don’t want Flash on iPhone” and such. Some of the non-English character sets have rough translations appended [in brackets] beneath.

(Adobe’s position is that we want to enable universal publishing… we’ll work with anyone and everyone to bring this about. We’re working on an iPhone port, but without Apple adding plugin support to Safari, and without them permitting distribution to un-jailbreak’d phones, it’s hard to see how it can occur. I have zero visibility into the business deals, but the refrain below about Flash endangering the monopoly revenue off of App Store makes the most sense of anything I’ve heard so far.)

Anyway, on with tha’ tweets…. 😉

Dave’s right, don’t get me started on mysteriously missing iPhone functionality! Video?Camera focus? Flash player?

New iPhone OS 3.0 announced today! Finally mms and copy and paste … But no video recording or Flash support. Cmon Apple give us Flash!

from the Q&A it sounds like apple doesn’t want the word “flash” anywhere near the #iphone, guess it’s Spotlight for now. 🙂

News flash: iPhone OS 2009 to offer same features as Palm 2000. Be still my beating heart! Anyone else think Apple’s late to the party?

we won’t need Flash on the iPhone now that there’s a mobile version of Sproutcore 🙂

iPhone 3.0 = still no Flash. Come on guys, get with it.

Yeah I guess the only thing the iPhone is missing now is Video and Flash … not bad IMHO

They have the capability of Flash in iPhone, but I think they haven’t worked out the legality yet.

That is outstanding to hear that it’s actually being worked on. Flash (someday) on iPhone. Yay!

Those iPhone 3.0 updates are really nice, shame about still no Flash though.

New Apple SDK…where the F is flash functionality????

boo no flash for iphone 🙁

…and more. available: “this summer.” Free for iPhone 3G & it’s enabled to work on the original iPhone as well. Still no flash though.

“Flash you vile piece of crap, you single-handedly took down my Mac.” – or why the iPhone doesn’t need Flash…

iPhone 3.0 Announced and Detailed. Everything you wanted except Flash. http://tinyurl.com/dfzuty

I hadn’t considered HTML 5 + Js as a replacement to Flash. There are a lot of Flash sites unaccessible by iPhone. I’d like both.

Good stuff in 3.0 iPhone. Only gripes: no flash, no real multitasking.

I’m still disappointed with lack of Flash still. IPhone 3.0 that is.

They say June, but who knows. Flash-free web on the iPhone is a breath of fresh air man.

Good news about iPhone 3.0. Flash would be nice though.

iphone dev consultancy contacted me asking what im gonna do with 3.0 — their site is 100% flash

Flash is coming for the iPhone, just waiting on Adobe, I expect by the time 3.0 is released, their just not announcing it.

Happy with C&P and MMS but still no Flash, when will #Apple put the Full Internet in my pocket??

iPhone 3.0 – Good: MMS, cut/paste, parental controls, spotlight. Bad: No Flash, iffy tethering capabilities, no updated camera support?

Pre still has (or will have flash) the iPhone still doesn’t, so only time will tell

Apple won’t allow flash on the iphone because it’s a dev platform. Meaning, people can dev apps that Apple can’t control.

Nice to hear ‘cut-paste’ has come to the iPhone in 3.0, but too bad flash support is still missing.

Still a lack of Flash on the iPhone. Kinda sad.

iPhone 3.0, umm Great But missing: Teahterhing and Flash!

Watching MacBreak Weekly, a little miffed about the lack of flash in iPhone 3.0, copy and paste is nice, but without flash, meesa not happy.

Where’s my Flash, godammit, Mapple. You’ve brought basic functions two years late, bloody hurry up with it. Not that I HAVE an iPhone.

iPhone got cut/paste/MMS finally. Sheesh. Know what’s next, right? FLASH.

Hmmmm iPhone 3.0 is defiantly leaning alot further towards media and games, and what use is that without flash, still got my eyes on a pre

I could live with out Flash on the iPhone. Apple wants quick mobile freindly web pages. Not giant bloated flash sites.

iPhone 3.0: copy/paste; YES! Flash support; NO!

Press: Hey Apple, where’s Flash on the iPhone!? Video sucks! Apple: Here’s H.264 now shut up!

Verdict on 3.0 — not complete wish list (no multitasking, flash etc) but every iPhone user will want it asap. (wait till summer)

Why doesn’t iPhone have Flash????? I live on mine, sone things can’t be viewed… DUH!! … but I’d never not have apple products.

You know, I like some of these new iPhone feature announcements… But where in hell is the flash support?!?

Is dissapointed with the new iPhone update 3.0 Still no flash!

haven’t heard this, do u know the price it will b? luv my iPhone, but need more speed. and where is Flash!

Man…para cuando flash en el Safari de Iphone!!!!!!!!!

yeah… i wouldn’t hold your breath for iPhone Flash support.

The new iPhone features sound cool but I would love to see Flash support

iPhone 3.0 will not have flash support, but it will play HTML 5 video (I’m not sure I know what that is) and the API is opened to developers

Cut and Paste coming to iPhone…no mention of Flash 🙁

Nothing new to announce on Adobe Flash on the iPhone though. Not a dealbreaker, just a disappointment.

why Flash on iPhone if you already have Flash on Nokia! 😀

iPhone 3.0 still no flash, halfway 2 tethering; cut & paste, & search will be nice, MMS but not 4 iP2G users lk me – time 2 upgrade?

Not impressed w/iPhone OS3 features; no multitask, no push uptime guarantee, no flash, no video.

we’re never gettting flash on an Iphone are we?

hmmmm… still no Flash for iPhone… but at least I got MMS, Copy/Paste, and tethering…

Still no Adobe Flash for iPhone. Wonder if Silverlight will show up first?

“attendais” je ne sais pas, mais espérais: flash, un nouvel iphone, la vidéo, le bluetooth…

Finished watching Apple event. Still no flash for iPhone… Seriously??

I can’t wait! I love my iPhone but del it lacks some important things. Like flash player and mms.

all in all, i deem iPhone 3.0 a success. wasn’t dying for flash support, nor was i expecting it so no disappointment.

Yay, iPhone gets copy/paste, A2DP stereo bluetooth, and MMS! Just add Flash, filebrowser, multitasking, and other networks and it’s perfect!

Hell Freezes over!!! Copy/Paster for iPhone!! Finally. No Flash though.

So was iPhone 3.0 good for you or is it still lacking something? For me, give me Flash and Background Apps, but liked the other additions

yeah still nothing on the flash. Which sucks but all in due time. Rumors have it their releasing a new iPhone in June. Hopefully.

Is hearing that the iPhone still doesn’t have flash support. Lame! Sticking to my BlackBerry Pearl.

So many twitts talking iPhone cut & paste…whopdy freakin do! Still no Flash capabilities?

Can’t wait to play around with the new iPhone SDK 3.0. But why oh why, still no flash support 🙁

there will be no flash for the iphone for a while. The new update should help bring the phone up to speed with the rest of us 😉

Still no Flash, but I don’t care. Now I just need a 3G instead of my dinosaur. Any more rumours about a new iPhone?

Apple allowing Flash on the iPhone would be like the Pope promoting premarital sex – it will never happen.

Any news on when Flash will be available on the iPhone?

really? but even though they have flash on it, i’ve heard they’ve had flash on the iPhone for a while yet no release…

Not everything you hoped for, but it’s a start 8) Flash support was missing

sorry meant I don’t understand why you need flash on the iPhone

lese ich richtig…? copy&paste kommt mit os 3.0 für’s iphone? fehlt nur noch richtige flash-unterstützung für “mein nahezu perfektes ding”

Last time I heard, Adobe was pretty much good to go with Flash on iPhone, but the hangup with was Apple somehow.

iphone 3.0 – copy & paste, battery-friendly push and Bonjour are all good news. Lack of news on flash support is disappointing though.

How is it possible that I am so PUMPED and yet so DISSAPPOINTED about the #iPhone announcement? I guess it’s cause I really wanted Flash.

When asked about Flash on iPhone Apple starts talking about how well iPhone already handles video. WTF?

iPhone 3.0 not here until June. Adds MMS, Copy/Paste, notification, landscape email, global search, notes sync but STILL no Flash support!

iPhone is free. iPod Touch is $10. I’ll update to get the new features. Wished for Flash though…

So there you have it. No flash support yet but MMS plus Copy, Cut and Paste is confirmed in the iPhone 3.0 software update. Coming summer.

My take on iPhone 3.0? It does not disappoint in the least.Can’t think of anything that is missing. Don’t say flash, flash is a dead medium.

I’d be more interested in Flash on IPhone OS than background apps. But I’m a Flash enthusiast!

I’ll agree with you on that. Flash on the iPhone = no time soon.

What ? Flash doesnt come to the iPhone? How sad 😉

iPhone 3.0: NO Flash, NO background apps, YES to: MMS, copy/paste, Bluetooth stereo, global search (email, music etc), SMS forwarding.

New iPhone update is Sweeeeeet! No Flash:( everything else is pretty cool though. My fav, mms

Ahhh, se me olvidaba, no hay soporte para Flash en iPhone … todavía… ¿lo ofrecerán algún día?

Flash บน iphone มันปัญหาการเมือง มากว่า ปัญหาทางเทคนิคครับ
[“Flash on the iphone it political problem more than technical issues”]

Following the iPhone OS 3.0 conference…still no flash…you’ve got to be kidding me…

Hulu doesn’t need Flash to be on the iPhone anymore than Youtube does.

WOW copy and paste, landscape texting, the finder, MMS, the IPHONE IS BEAST just waiting for flash now but other than that its perfect!

iPhone 3.0 update is looking gooooood! No Flash, but still a pretty nice list of features. Needs to come out sooner!

So with all the iPhone 3.0 talk there’s still no Flash support. Is it a matter of money with Adobe? What’s the hold up?

Do you REALLY want Flash on the iPhone? I don’t. The iPhone’s flashlessness has greatly helped web design. No gratuitous Flash!

iphone doesn’t have flash support does it? I wouldn’t have thought the CPU was powerful enough in most smartphones anyway

iPhone 3.0 pretty good but where is Flash support Apple?!

Here’s my hypothesis on Apple’s reasons for not porting Flash: http://bnsn.com/dSq

My guess is that Apple has an in house Flash player for the iPhone, but it sucks the battery extremely fast.

No flash on the iPhone. Thanks apple! #fail

Well, iPhone OS3.0 will have copy/paste; now everyone can switch to bitching about no Flash support for the iPhone

I admire Apple for rejecting Flash and favoring open standards. It took the iPod to kill DRM, maybe the iPhone can do the same with Flash.

Ah Apple, just minutes after making the iPhone complete, the tweetnerds have already found a flaw: where’s the Flash?

I’d rather see Hulu create an iPhone app or a mobile version of the site. Or do what FunnyOrDie did and embed both Flash and non.

Disappointed by lack of video. Understand lack of flash. Enthusiastic about everything else about iPhone OS 3.0. Roll on the release…

If MS were smart, they would get Silverlight onto iPhone (at any cost) before Flash gets in.

No #Flash on #iPhone 3.0. Bummer dude!

I am like the new 3.0 os for the #iphone, I still want flash though.

Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 preview event now over. mildy impressed. really wanted video and flash. copy&paste/MMS/spotlight/tethering is cool.

IPhone 3.0 verkar ju riktigt sweet. Synd att de inte slängde in stöd för flash dock.
[“IPhone 3.0 seem really sweet. Too bad they threw in support of the flash, however.”]

flash on the iPhone? Nooo. Much better! Copy & Paste functionality. (although everyone else has flash)

oh btw , apple , where is my Flash support for Iphone ? with Iphone 17.2 ?

Dear Steve Jobs: Adobe’s phone number is 800-833-6687. Please call them to get Flash technology for the iPhone. You would be a hero.

Uh…I wish I had flash on the iPhone.

methinks, for now, things look bad for adobe flash ever coming to iPhone as apple would prefer to drink adobe’s milk shake.

iPhone gets cut&paste, but not until june. Still no flash

Mostly happy with iPhone 3.0 – tho’ no flash support. Guess I’ll have to upgrade my handset, yaaay!

Missing from iPhone 3.0: still no Flash support in safari? Ridiculous.

It’s kinda ridiculous that the iPhone doesn’t have flash. Adobe supposedly has had a port ready for ages.

será que a Apple mascarou a falta de flash no OS3 do Iphone com mais conectividade, jogos e tudo mais? Só falta vierem com essa desculpa
[“Apple is the masked a lack of flash in the OS3 Iphone with more connectivity, games and everything else? Just come with that excuse absence”]

Pretty happy about iPhone 3.0 software updates. Still want video and flash on the thing.

iPhone 3.0 update looks cool – has pretty much everything I wanted, except still no Flash support in the browser. Oh, and no toaster

ALOT of great features coming to iPhone OS 3.0 this June, but it doesn’t look like Flash support will be coming period.

Some things I miss from the iPhone3.0 OS: video recording, Flash Video support, backgrounding, multitasking, full fledged tethering

iPhone news was pretty good. Flash has to be the #1 desired feature now. I just don’t see Apple doing that lest they make $ by it.

Screwed out of Flash support in the iPhone 3.0 announcement. I’m going back to a couple of cans and some string.

Sounds like iPhone OS 3.0 still missing flash support

Fending off the inevitable question: No Flash for iPhone. Not now, not in 3.0, probably not ever. Wrong for the form factor. Move on.

now all i needs is flash for iphone

Iphone chaps excited about version 3.0. My smart phone did copy & paste from day 1… Plus Flash.

Iphone OS 3.0 : bummer no flash for iphone but the peer to peer feature that has much the greatest potential..Look at my former posts

Still no Flash support for the iPhone…weak.

The continued lack of Flash support on the iPhone is a mystery. I really want to know what’s going on behind the scenes on this one!

#iphone 3.0 update – no news on Flash. 🙁

Got 2 of 3 on my personal iPhone wishlist. Got Cut/Paste and MMS, but did not get Flash support. Flash sucks, but too pervasive to ignore.

Yay for copy and paste! Now is Flash support on Adobe?? Come on! It’s about time for a feature complete iPhone!

econd bummer on iPhone 3.0: No Adobe Flash. C’mon, Apple.Well, HTC is coming on strong with Google phones

lo malo, nada con flash en iPhone

I read an article about Flash on iPhone (can’t remember where) and it didn’t sound very promising. We can always HOPE! 🙂

New features for the iPhone – yes! Cut and paste is a must, but bummed about no announcements re: Flash

ya, they said they have no announcement on flash today. DAMN. but get this it doesnt come out til “summer” and cause iphone 1st gen…..

UR joking. It’s top on the wishlist for the iPhone, along with flash support.

yes finally! MMS and Copy/paste on iPhone! Thank you for bringing the jesusPhone into 2002! Now if we’d only get some embedded flash…

When Adobe make a Flash player that doesn’t run like crap on a Mac, they’re welcome to try porting it to iPhone.

Pas de support Flash pour le OS 3.0 du iPhone. Dommage sinon le reste des fonctionnalités est bien.

Not sure why I take so much joy in the fact that there is NO Flash support coming to the iPhone. Ohh yeah, it’s because I HATE Flash.

Personally, I hope no Flash on the iPhone eentually kills off Flash. It’s bloatware at its most addictive.

But still no Flash player for the iPhone… 🙁

O pessoal pergunta sobre Flash no iPhone e eles respondem que estão trabalhando em outras soluções de vídeos… Mas e os sites e jogos?
[“When asked about Flash they replied about video, but what about sites and games?”]

Where is the Flash for iPhone Apple?!

They’re still pretty matter of fact with their Flash related responses. #Apple #iPhone

Impressive iPhone 3.0 preview. I thought Flash may be in there…

#iphone 3.0 My friend says question came up about flash. was told nothing happening & there’s ways to work around flash. Doesn’t sound good

From the Q&A — it’s clear that Flash is *not* coming to iPhone anytime soon (yay!), but tethering is. (yay!)

I still want flash player. Wanna watch LOST on iPhone

How can the iphone stream HDTV, yet be unable to render Flash? Perhaps it’s more a threat to the app store than a technical challenge.

Disappointed that iPhone 3.0 may not support Flash. Sounds like Apple & Adobe are still butting heads.

Best part of the iPhone 3.0 OS pres: *NO FLASH SUPPORT!!!!!*

won’t see flash. It’s a dev platform (AIR) and Apple won’t allow Adobe to have their own AIR store on iPhone

MMS, cut and paste, landscape keyboard, synced notes, YouTube subscriptions. iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade Done. Still No Flash for now 🙁

iphone ainda no escuro com o flash?!?! será que vai rolar no lancamento na wwdc? tipo com keynote superespecial com o jobs ainda no palco?

Count me among those grateful that the iPhone remains Flash-free.

no way. dude, my powerbook g4 can barely handle flash. you want the iphone to?

Don’t count on flash support showing up for the iPhone, at least for a non-jailbreaked iPhone.

Features missing on iPhone updates: Flash support, tethering, anything else?

If they even make flash happen, I doubt it will be till they upgrade the iPhone hardware.

Still no Flash support in new iPhone OS; but will support HTML5-spec’d video, as well as HTTP streaming. Flash ain’t the only game in town.

#iPhone 3.0 update: suporte pra Flash? Nem pensar pra essa versão. Frustrante, vai!

Летом будет представлена следующая модель iPhone, которая благодаря более шустрым мозгам сможет тянуть flash.
[“Summer will be provided with the following model of iPhone, which is due to a more nimble brain will be able to pull the flash.”]

iPhone can barely handle HTML+JS! Throw Flash into the mix and it’s an even bigger lagfest

Why does everyone find it unacceptable for there to be no flash on the iPhone? There is no other MOBILE PHONE that supports (full) flash!

New iPhone OS sounds great — not sure how I feel about the new home page yet, and it needs Flash support, but otherwise, rock on!

Stoked about copy/paste on iPhone…not stoked about the STILL lack of Flash integration…wtf Apple!?!?

#iphone 3.0 – NO announcements on adobe flash support… continue waiting for this one…

so what’s still missing? flash support, video recording and tethering

I forgot about the Flash whiners. Can anyone give me a flash site that doesn’t have an iPhone app, that makes Flash on iPhone worthwhile?

awwww still no flash for iphone? ugh…

Man all I wanted was an iPhone flash annoucement.

To be honest – I think excluding Flash from the iPhone is a big win for the entire internet. Flash is obnoxious. The less Flash, the better!

still no support for flash on iPhone… damn.

Np flash for the iphone yet? well, they said they had no announcements for today. Flash will be it’s own event.

Q: Video is still a blackhole if you visit a website with flash. A: We have no announcements on Flash today.

Still no #iPhone Flash. Sounds like they think people only want it for video.

Copy/paste and MMS on the iPhone is great, but come on, guys. No video camera? No Flash? Let’s try to get AHEAD of the curve, Apple.

Okay the iPhone is now 99% perfect. We just need Flash. . .

I think Apple is still internally conflicted about Flash.

And from the q&a on iPhone OS 3.0, still no flash support? I was hoping for that one.

Ah, one more thing (and not in a good way), they’re still avoiding the flash question…still no homestarrunner.com for iPhone…

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! iPhone 3.0 pretty much everything I was looking for!!! all but a Flash player… one day

hmm, Apple’s take on Macromedia Flash on the iPhone/iPod Touch seems to be that people ONLY use it for video. ORLY?

I forgot about Flash support. I do wonder why there is no Flash support. Doesn’t Apple work well with Adobe?

Only thing missing from iPhone 3.0: Flash. Other than that, it hit on all cylinders, and THEN some!

I’m not that worried about Flash.. I’ve rarely missed it on my iPhone. I watch video like that on my Mac.

In all the excitement, I completely forgot about no Flash on the iPhone. My high just dropped a little.

4 Responses to Flash on iPhone, on Twitter

  1. timo says:

    People should remember that the Flash Lite used in smartphones like Nokia roughly equals Flash 7 while websites are created for Flash 10. iPhone doesn’t need Flash 7, if needs a Flash player that can play everything.
    [jd sez: Agreed that there are versioning issues with the older baked-in distributions, but particularly with the current work on cross-device runtimes with Open Screen Project, “it’s all just Flash”… we’re closing in on runtime profiles being fewer than hardware profiles.]

  2. Dan Kerr says:

    Hmmm… If blackberry turns the key and supports flash from macromedia/adobe we might have a good war here. And yes, it is a war!

  3. John Tracy says:

    I just got the iPhone 3GS. Came from another carrier to get on the Apple bandwagon. I love the phone, but have to admit, I was a little upset when I found there was no Flash support. Why does Apple continue to miss important features? The fact that there is no AVRCP support on what is touted as a media super gadget?! Unacceptable. Lack of Flash support is another big downer. In such a powerful little phone, the fact that I’m missing part of the internet stinks. Get with the times Apple!

  4. Omar brown says:

    Apple can make flash player very easy to down load. It’s all about demand demand. So we just have to try harder at demanding it. Money rules with these companies.