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I was expecting to hear news this week about cross-device Silverlight, so when I didn’t, I spent some time hunting things down. Short story is that there doesn’t seem to be a public timetable right now. But it took awhile to search up and disentangle the various accounts, so to save others time, here are the best hits I’ve found on Microsoft’s timelines for mobile. If you’ve got additional links with more source info then a note in comments would be great, thanks.

April 2007 TechCrunch: “Silverlight was demonstrated today on a Windows mobile device as part of a new service that the NBL have built. The demo showed both Silverlight applications and media streaming running on a mobile phone – so Silverlight even at this stage is about more than just the desktop browser and desktop market.”

May 2007 Staff weblog: “For those of you who didn’t get to see the Silverlight Windows Mobile demo at MIX, here’s Scott Holden, the Product Unit Manager for the Compact Framework team, giving us a closer look a the Major League Baseball (MLB) demo.”

July 2007 Steve Ballmer keynote: “So, this is example of a prototype, a future look at potentially what we can do with Silverlight for mobile devices. And this is an experience that was built by Major League Baseball working with Frog Design on the design, both the mobile app and the desktop app. And we have the games that are live right now, and we can drill into a specific game, and actually see real time data flowing down….”

March 2008 Nokia press release says “Microsoft will demonstrate Silverlight on S60 during the opening keyote at Microsoft’s MIX08 conference on March 5 in Las Vegas. Silverlight is intended to be available to S60 developers later this year with initial service delivery anticipated shortly thereafter for all S60 licensees.”

March 2008 Apparently from the then-current version of the FAQ: “We will have the First Developer CTP for Silverlight for mobile available in 2nd Quarter of CY 2008 targeting Windows Mobile 6.”

March 2008 CNET: “A version of Silverlight for Windows Mobile will be available later this year, said John Case, a general manager in Microsoft’s developer division.”

March 2008 Staff blog: “The team is planning to ship a CTP of version 1 in the 2nd quarter of 08 and then RTM the 4th quarter of 08. Along with the RTM of version 1, they are planning to release a CTP of version 2 which will match Silverlight 2 including the managed runtime.”

May 2008 “We are still waiting for Silverlight 1.0 support on Windows Mobile. At Mix08 I attended various mobile talks (Amit Chopra: ‘The wait is finally over, we have Silverlight for Windows Mobile’ – from one of the less impressive sessions), where Silverlight 1.0 was promised shortly after Mix. According to Todd a CTP should be available soon – a CTP? of Silverlight 1? Come on guys, Silverlight 1 should be done and dusted by now, it was announced at Mix07, we need Silverlight 2 and a WPF-like UI.”

May 2008 A developer puts together a timeline: “The first version of Silverlight for Mobile is going to be Silverlight 1.0 (JavaScript only – no .NET) and a CTP should be available any day now. We’ll get the first ‘official’ Silverlight for Mobile (1.0) towards the end of this year, sometime after Silverlight 2.0 officially ships for the desktop. Around the same time we should get a CTP of Silverlight 2.0 for Mobile. Finally, around this time next year we’ll get the .NET-loving version of Silverlight for Mobile.”

June 2008 A third-party developer was apparently doing test apps on SL1/Mobile.

September 2008 In an article on the Windows Mobile delay: “Microsoft, for its part, has said very little about the next generation of Windows Mobile. The only public statement we know of came from Steve Ballmer, who said, ‘The work we’re doing on Windows Mobile 7, which is the next major release of Windows Mobile, not just in the Windows Mobile team, but across Windows Mobile, in Silverlight, the development platform, the e-mail, the back-end, I think you’ll continue to see that as an area of major excitement and innovation for the company as we move forward.'”

November 2008 “According to a Microsoft FAQ, SilverLight Mobile will be a subset of SilverLight 2. The program will initially ship on S60 and Windows Mobile, and may become available for other platforms later. As for the initial shipment: it is scheduled for ‘2009’….”

March 2009 A staff weblog titled “Windows Mobile 6.5 – What’s in for developers?” does not mention Silverlight Mobile.

March 2009 Gavin Clarke at The Register got the chance to ask about timetables: “In a further change from last October, meanwhile, Microsoft has decided against a public beta of Silverlight for mobile this quarter. Guthrie said Microsoft felt ‘pretty good’ about the feedback it’s getting from the private beta. He would not provide a date of a public beta.”

March 2009 In a forum question about updated SL/Mob updates, a staffer says “I found a CTP version which is for internal only. Currently, we cannot assure you its release time or something else.”

March 2009 Another forum conversation seems to contain current best-info. “Nothing official has come out of the MIX09 conference, but word on the street and on twitter is that it won’t be available until Windows Mobile 7.” “Hmm, that’s very unfortunate. Windows Mobile 6.5 is planned for release in September this year. I have the feeling a final of Silverlight Mobile won’t be here until the end of 2010.”

March 2009 From the product FAQ: “Q: Where can I find Silverlight for mobile and associated SDK for download? When is Silverlight for mobile available? A: Silverlight for mobile is currently under development. We haven’t announced any further details around availability at this time.”

3 Responses to Silverlight mobile timelines

  1. John Dowdell says:

    May 2009: Interview with Ben Waggoner, “Microsoft’s principal video strategist for Silverlight” : “Yes, says Ben, Microsoft announced in March, 2008, that Silverlight support would come to Windows Mobile and the Symbian OS. There’s currently no publicly scheduled date for the release, so he can’t say exactly when it will happen. Will it be part of the next big Windows Mobile update? ‘Silverlight is coming to Windows Mobile and it’s not a part of the current 6.5,’ he says. ‘And I’ll leave it at that.'”

  2. John Dowdell says:

    November 2009: The Silverlight 4 launch passed without guidance on mobile, as shown by time-sorted searches on and forums. Incidental comments among bloggers suggest a speaker said that some guidance would be given next year.

  3. Matthew Fabb says:

    Note that one of your Silverlight links was previously updated and currently says:
    How can I learn more about Silverlight for mobile?
    Silverlight for mobile is currently under development. We plan to release the final version in 2009.

    Then later it says:
    What version of Silverlight is being made available on mobile initially?
    Silverlight for mobile will be based on Silverlight 2.

    However, with it being this late in 2009 with no update from Microsoft it sounds like they won’t make that date. Referencing Silverlight 2 instead of 3 or the current 4 beta also makes it sound dated.
    [jd sez: Hi Matthew, you’re right, I haven’t checked those links for changed content… backups should be at if necessary.]