Time is money

Want CS4? Although the release has been very well-received on its own merits, political uncertainty over the current economic climate has slashed discretionary spending. Everyone is closely examining the return-on-investment of new purchases.

So Adobe hired Pfeiffer Consulting to benchmark over 120 bottlenecks to creative production workflows. The results are dramatic, as charts in the 1.5meg PDF overview show: “In some workflow situations, the ROI impact of Adobe Creative Suite 4 can be in excess of $10,000 per year and per workstation.”

Time savings are about half-again for web work, twice as fast for design work and Photoshop, and four times as fast for video.

Much more source data is available on the productivity portal.

I knew that there was a lot of work done in CS4 on everyday efficiency. But I never expected to be able to see this measured and tested, much less with such dramatic results.

If you want the fun and features of Creative Suite 4, but couldn’t convince the purchasing department before, then make sure they have access to these results from Pfeiffer Consulting… the numbers show, in black and white, that it’s hard to afford using anything other than CS4!

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