Today’s “Hello World”

I watched part of Microsoft demos yesterday, and realized something that had been brewing for awhile… we saw it a few years ago with “RIA” demos, and the spread of “Experience Matters”, but now it’s coming down to a more granular level.

It was at the “spinning postcards” demo, which Apple had worked the week before in its 3D CSS extensions * … in similar vein to the JavaScript homage to Papervision3D “cloth” demos of the week before, and a whole bunch of projects before that.

Innovative Flash work is the new standard to which other technologies aspire. Gifted people create intriguing examples to take advantage of new technology, and then these intriguing examples are the role models for others to work. “Can I code *that*!?” is the driving question.

No big deal, and we all had an awareness of it already. But it’s getting more clearly defined these days… today’s Flash grooviness becomes tomorrow’s “Hello World”.

* re: Apple’s “3D CSS”, WTF is up with putting “3D” libraries into a spec about styling? That’s one of the worst examples yet of proprietary extensions to what should be sensible and implementable standards… why not call it something other than “Cascading Style Sheets”, which is ostensibly about mediating styling options between creator choices and user choices? Only reason I see that Apple calls it “3D CSS” is that they hope to ride coat-tails in on a “standard”, get some opensource blessing for Apple’s proprietary “Safari” runtime. I hope someone can show me a way this makes sense, but right now, “3D in CSS” just seems sick, sick, sick.