Linux Journal “Readers Choice”: AIR

Lots of folks have already noticed this, but I liked the news for a particular reason… Adobe AIR won the Linux Journal’s Readers’ Choice award for “Favorite Platform for Developing Rich Internet Apps” this year.

AIR makes it easy for native desktop applications to work on various flavors of Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It reduces discrimination based on OS choice, imposes no requirements on browser choice.

But AIR doesn’t just enfranchise consumers on Linux — it also enables creators on Linux. It’s pretty cool that a developer who personally prefers Linux can deliver to Apple systems or to Microsoft systems too.

It shouldn’t matter what operating system you choose, what browser you choose, what ad-network or remote services you choose, or (in the pipeline) what device form-factor you choose. Those walls need to keep tumbling down.

Thanks to the readers of Linux Journal for understanding this, and acknowledging the new AIR initiative with this award!