Moblin Flash

Techmeme tonight has a cluster on “Intel brings rich UI to Moblin Linux platform”. Here’s the source blogpost from Imad Sousou, Director of Intel Open Source Technology Center. In the section “Moblin v2.0 Beta Feature Summary”, this part caught my eye:

A web browser optimized for the Moblin 2.0 Netbook user interface. Based on the latest Mozilla browser technology revised into a Clutter shell, the browser gives you access to the whole internet, as well as advanced features, such as video embedding and the latest Flash plug-in, while integrating seamlessly into the user interface.

I searched for a bit, and found this on the Intel Software site:

The Intel Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform provides a full internet experience in a pocket-sized form factor. Combining Moblin-based operating systems with the Intel Atom processor, MIDs are able to run any application that has been built for the x86 architecture, including Adobe Flash 10* and Adobe AIR 1.5*. While the features of the devices that are and will be on the market vary depending on OEM and target market, there are several features that the devices share in common: small form factor, emphasis on internet connectivity rather than extensive storage, and alternate input methods.

The documentation at has this tidbit:

The current Home Screen UI is written in Adobe Flash. To add a new application icon to the home screen, add a .desktop-formatted file to the /usr/share/mobile-basic-flash/applications directory.

There are also older mailing list archives which discuss installing or redistributing Adobe Flash Player.

Here’s a technote titled “Install the Adobe AIR Runtime on a MID” from Dec 2008.

Not much hard info yet. I know Intel has mentioned Moblin in their profile at Open Screen Project, and their television announcements at CES in January were also a surprise to me.

I’ll ask other folks in the office tomorrow. If you’ve got links to more background, please drop a note in comments, thanks.