“Papervision3D Essentials”

Realtime 3D on the Web, today, without installing anything new.

There are many people innovating in 3D via Flash today, but I’d like to make sure you’re aware of a new book, “Papervision3D Essentials”, from Paul Tondeur and Jeff Winder. Amazing new things are possible now, and the book shows you how to achieve it.

For more context, see Ralph Hauwert and Carlos Ulloa, two of the folks contributing to the larger Papervision3D effort.

I’m not usually comfortable plugging a book, or raising one project among others, but what convinced me to join Macromedia was seeing a demo of the “Smart3D” work of Young Harvill, back before VRML… it makes me very happy to see what people are doing with 3D today, so I’d encourage you to check into it too, thanks.

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