Blog downtime

On vacation… I’ll be travelling in China this month, and will not be able to approve comments on this blog. Back online first week of November.

Internet access in China is still uncertain… sites with user-generated content (Twitter, Facebook etc) have been blocked leading up to the 60th anniversary week for the PRC, and then for a media conference in Beijing (yes, that sounds ironic to me too ;-). I’m hoping things will open up this week… if so, I’ll be on Twitter, Typepad, and perhaps I’ll even be able to revive my moribund Flickr account.

(If you’re into walking or urban orienteering, take a look at Chongqing, near Sichuan, and zoom around a bit… with its mountains, rivers, stairs and curved streets, it’s said to be one of the easiest cities in the world in which to get lost, before finding yourself again. Fun challenge! 🙂

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