Macintosh enfranchised in Japan

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) has moved its On Demand website to Flash video. Previously it used Windows Media, which placed barriers in front of Mac users… better than QuickTime, which placed barriers in front of Windows users, but still not ideal.

I don’t have much to add to the story myself, just trying to bring the news into the English-only weblogs. There’s a Japanese entry in an Adobe blog (Google translation), and a few Japanese news results, of which this one (translation) seems the source.

The video producers want their work to reach their audience. Their audience chooses a diverse assortment of browsers and operating systems. Flash works with all of them. It’s a pretty simple calculus.

(Flame-arresters: “HTML5” and either Ogg Theora or H.264 would not help the existing audience. The garden wall around Apple’s iPhone still disenfranchises those audience members, but is not significant cross-culturally.)

One Response to Macintosh enfranchised in Japan

  1. Micheal J. says:

    How would running H.264 (regardless of whether it’s Flash or HTML5/browser providing the player controls) not work with the “garden wall” of the iPhone? It’s possible (so long as the source video is using Baseline, [jd sez: The articles don’t give us NHK’s full calculus, so it’s hard to speak for the “why”, their streaming mix, etc. I think you misread my final paragraph though… I anticipated someone coming in and making a reflexive pitch for “HTML5” but that requires a browser change, and I also anticipated someone coming in and saying “what about the iPhone” but it’s not as big outside Silicon Valley… “flame-arresters” was in the plural.]