Beijing Flex

You likely already know that Flex is the fastest way to create advanced data-driven interfaces which will play nearly anywhere — combines multi-aspect XML workflows, efficient frameworks and sophisticated controls to create screens which will work for the majority of the planet.

But what’s less well-known is the torrid pace of Flex adoption in China. The country has the largest number of Internet users, which also implies a very high number of Internet developers. And these developers have indeed driven many, many downloads of prior Flex SDKs.

This week is the Adobe Flash Platform Summit in Beijing [machine-English]. Attendence blew past expectations… we were hoping to fill a thousand-seat hall, but also filled standing-room only, with many left outside waiting to get in. China and India both have a much larger interest in Flex than most people in North America might suspect.

Ben Forta is already there, as is Deepa Subramaniam… Adobe’s Jack Kang [English] and Xue Wei [English] are also blogging about the event.

Here’s an early article [English] of the event… I believe that’s Adobe’s Alfred Nanning in clasped-hands photo with Ed Rowe and Ben Forta. CNET [English] has a similar article, as do many other syndicated sources. (There are two types of certification noted in there… CESI confirms that software is on the country’s supported list, while certification of developers particularly helps with the hiring market.)

Even better coverage, with many photos, is from a participant with handle of “migsr” at [English] … this site, by the way, is a fascinating community-translation project, and if you look on the main page [English] you’ll see how real people are banding together to make English-language resources more globally accessible.

And in similar vein, Aaron Houston has been collecting photos of recent events… if you’re in the worldwide Adobe User Group program then you already know Aaron, and how to get in touch.

Anyway, I’m particularly excited by how well Flex is being received worldwide… such tooling has not existed before and the demand is great, as the exceptionally strong attendence at the Flash summit in Beijing proves.

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