Next generation creative tooling

Kevin Lynch highlights some of the big capabilities we’re trying to deliver in this cycle of work on Creative Suite: easier ways for groups of people to work together on creative content… better ways to see how this material actually works for your audiences… being able to design and deliver for any device.

More Monday. Big news with long-term significance… dawn of a new design.

(Delivery to Apple devices is still included, although “it is up to Apple whether they choose to allow or disallow applications as their rules shift over time.” We’ll do our best to make it easy for you to satisfy your audience, no matter where they may be.)

2 Responses to Next generation creative tooling

  1. Steve Borsch says:

    Really John, the snippy comments in parens are beneath you and do not further the Adobe cause.
    [ah, well… I guess that shows how hard it is to please everyone, then…. 😉 –jd ]

  2. Greg Gavutis says:

    I saw no snippy comments here. Adobe has just been brutally blindsided days before a crucial product launch by a company that appears to want to rewrite the book on absurd, self-serving, closed-minded business decisions.
    Developers are not blind to what is really going on here, nor are they biting on the stinking pieces of meat hung out by Jobs for the press to swallow- Apple may trick the public into believing that Flash is a resource hog, or that ‘HTML 5 is a proven standard that is ready to end Flash’. Pushing ignorance like that is potentially as dangerous as it is despicable- a virus of misinformation, and an irresponsible practice for a company that once said they liked to ‘Think Different’.
    That’s some different thinking, alright. Here’s a thought: let’s not knee-cap a company like Adobe, who has been there from the beginning- and contributed to the survival of Mac as a brand and platform. Let’s not lock out Flash, Unity and other helper applications and compilers that allow talented artists and developers to deliver their vision.
    And for crying out loud Apple, stop trying to drape the ‘we’re an open platform!’ flag around you while doing these things. People are not infinitely stupid- but don’t take my word for it. Keep on making short-sighted, arrogant decisions and let’s see where that leads.