The Gradual Disappearance Of Flash Bashing

… likely won’t occur until the incentives disappear, unfortunately.

I’m linking to this article mostly because it just popped up on Techmeme unlinked, and I’d like to help out Gabe…. 😉

If you read the article itself the author takes the title as a given, and then extrapolates upon what a world would be like were this so. But many will read only the headline, and assume that it was substantiated. Whether the writing and its promotion had this as a premeditated goal is difficult to accurately guess.

Even though Brad is a self-described “Flash hater”, I agree with him that “In the end, we’re all just trying to create websites that can be accessed and used, regardless of the tools we use to deliver them.” I also like that he links to HTML-based work he likes, down towards the end… if you can do something good, it’s to everyone’s benefit… no real need for one to fail for another to succeed.

What drives Adobe is removing the barriers to publishing. Just as every manufacturer is releasing a dizzying range of new personal digital screens (almost all of which are being optimized for Flash work) the new Creative Suite aims to become the most practical way to publish to whichever forms and brands of screens you and your audience choose.

There’s a remarkable consistency in that drive…. 😉

Update: After a few hours there are many comments there, with a very firm sentiment of “use the best tool; don’t trash Flash”. Sounds like many web workers just want to get on with their work, with a lower level of divisive hype…?